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Pickling with SITARA Mutton Pickle / Achar now available for people of Hyderabad to order online

About SITARA Mutton Pickle and How you can order it online in Hyderabad ?

Pickles have been life savers at many times when we run out of time or skills to cook a side dish for roti, chapatti or rice.  The reason for this differs from person to person, which can be like ill-health of children or being hanged up with office work or when you are back from a trip and tired to cook or you are just a bachelor couch potato.  Hope you all have faced such situations and agree with us!  Hence the need for a pickle make a quick meal possible or to add more to a meal undoubtedly exists.  Setting aside all these needs, we wish to emphasize an item that you can add without guilt to your meal is a Hala Cut Mutton pickle, which you can buy online in Hyderabad from SITARA FOODS, which is believed to boost your probiotic content. Probiotics are nothing but friendly bacteria that keep your gut healthy and are suggested by many doctors to help you out with digestive problems.  

Our history says we Indians are the experts in preserving excess food in winter to meet the demands of hot summers when there is lack of water and decreased food production.  The oldest method of food preservation was also found by Indians even before 5000 years and that is PICKLING.  Pickling is the best means to store any exotic or seasonal foods limited by nature and cultivation and imagine in a place like Hyderabad which is well-known for its extreme climatic conditions be it water scarcity during summer or floods during rainy season, the people of Hyderabad would consider such preserved food as a gift and we at Sitara pickles are waiting to serve them in just a click away through taking online orders and delivering directly to your door step in Hyderabad. Hyderabadies are also well-known for their love for non-vegetarian pickles like Mutton pickle which keeps them energetic, spirited and strong even in a hot weather.  But considering the busy life style that exists now, whoever it is, they need to depend on some ready-made, handy foods like pickles as a side dish to meet with their immediate need which is to satisfy hunger.

Now, if this pickle like Sitara Foods Mutton Pickle which is prepared with a halal cut fresh lamb or sheep meat that has an impressive nutrition profile, in a perfectly home-made environment by women from nearby villages who are passionate and experienced in cooking traditional, authentic food – Who will refuse to buy it?  Additionally, if you can order and buy online with a door delivery in any nook and corner of this world, it is a gifted feast for non-vegetarian pickle lovers.  Isn’t it? One such service is what we give for you from Sitara Pickles.  People of Hyderabad say that mutton pickle purchased online from SITARA is a quick fix biryani at times as it tastes as good as a hyderabadi biryani and can be made fast by mixing hot white rice with mutton pickle in situations when a quick tasty meal is needed.Our way of preparing non veg pickles is unique and more satisfying is what our customers say.  Coming to the preparation of mutton pickle / lamb achar, the aroma of lemon juice along with the health benefits of lamb with a yummy flavor of coriander and selected red chilli powder blended with ginger-garlic paste and a mouth-watering taste of mom’s magic masala is all carefully cooked to the right extent to make your tongue ask for more of Sitara pickles.  The pinch of fenugreek seeds or methi powder added to the pickle helps diabetes people to properly absorb the carbohydrates by slowing the digestion process.  We are proud to say that Lamb Achar is the biggest hit among our non veg pickles. We have a second variant at SITARA which is Gongura Mutton Pickle, a pickle that can be put on to the must taste list of every person in Hyderabad.

As we all know, Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that helps to keep your nerves and blood cells healthy and also that it’s only source is from animal products like fish, meat, poultry, eggs and milk products.  When you consider meat, the lamb gives you many benefits such as boosting immunity, perfect supplement of iron source for people who do not like to consume greens, perfectly ticking nervous system promoter, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and a protein powerhouse.          

Moreover, we are also proud to reveal our secret ingredient to you which cannot be found in any other pickles and that is –Love and Care – Just like your Mom.Love your life more through the food you eat and develop the habit of consuming a balanced diet as your body is your one and only best friend from the day you are born. And remember that if you are a South Indian non-vegetarian then, you should definitely order and try Sitara non veg Pickles online to know the real taste of a Lamb Achar or Mutton pickle in a perfect Andhra Style.

Purchase from us online from Hyderabad to have a best experience of licking a pickle from the tip of your fingers!Once tasted you will certainly ask for more!We have the expertise to cook and serve you delicious, yummy pickle recipes!  Your job becomes easier!

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