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Good Food Gives Good Mood & Good Mood Gives Health & Wealth.


Sitara Pickles was started by Two Well Educated Homemakers who can make pickles in such a way that, each bite of rice you take with our pickles will feast your taste buds. It’s more of a tradition than business for last 33 years. We feel that everyone should taste our pickles at least once to tell this is true. We are backed by a couple of grannies, who fed few hundred families in their decades of homemade pickling experience. Our pickles are 100% home-made with fresh and best quality ingredients which are all sourced from nature. We make each pickle in a way that, we are making it for our own family consumption. Best quality oils are used in our pickles they give the best taste that you experience by eating our pickles.

We were doing well with our homemade mommy-granny pickles and our customers asked “why don’t you try to share and supply us our childhood memories?” We were shocked and then our customer said, by tasting our pickles, he got to remember the taste of his granny pickles from childhood and so the nostalgic memories turned back in his life. Wait! It doesn’t stop there. We thought let’s bring back even more memories to all our customers by offering exotic and rare fruits & flowers too. These so called exotic varieties were street fruits & flowers which vendors used to sell in our days. We started offering products like Thati Munjalu, Thati Tegalu, Regi Pallu, Eetha Pallu, Kale Kayalu, Bikki Kayalu and many more. This generation might not have even heard of a few of these fruits, but we used to buy them in front of our school gates every day, Didn’t we, Happy Customers?

All we can say is, Taste it once and you are sure to come back for more – Our pickles are a feast to taste buds in every bite because we mix a special ingredient which no one else does and that is

Granny’s Love & Care

Our vision is to take Indian Food Products to the International Plate.
We wanted to achieve this without loosing our core values of
Being Farmers Friend
Employing Rural Elderly Women
Keeping our customers Happy & Satisfied

What we offer?

Sitara Food prepares and delivers happiness, nostalgic memories along with best quality & tasty food that you will absolutely love & cherish, which is prepared by our elderly rural staff who have cooked for decades with farm fresh ingredients procured directly from farms nearby. Products are insanely fresh, clean, premium and tasty that is good for you and right for planet Earth. We believe good food is the most powerful force for change – for our families, our community, and our environment. We offer best in class premium food and back it up with a wonderful customer experience and the highest quality standards never & ever seen in India.


Good Food Gives Good Mood & Good Mood Gives Health & Wealth.

If you are looking for cheap unhealthy food products then this is not a place for you. Our products are made from premium quality locally sourced ingredients, prepared with atmost care. So Yes, we don’t compromise on quality of our products and hope our customer won’t too and is why our products are little expensive. Quality comes at a cost.

Elderly Women Empowered
Countries Served
Friendly Farmer Tieups
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What we do
Our goal is to create & bring back the forgotten traditional Indian food products back to life and with a service that you’re satisfied. To make our products be consumed & loved by you in every day life where ever you are. This is why we’re constantly working on our products and services to make them better every day and really listen to what our customers has to
Nithin Madasu
12 June, 2022
I’ve been living in the United States for the past 20 years, and I haven’t had such delicious Andhra food during this entire time. I just got my shipment today and my family has been going through each package of food and enjoying every bite! The website is well put together and easy to use! While the shipping prices are a bit high, they at least go down with increased quantities. This food made me nostalgic for home, and brought back wonderful memories. During the pandemic, this has been a welcome taste of home.
Sharanya’s Lifestyle Vlogs
21 May, 2022
Thanks so much Sitara Foods. We love buffalo ghee and it tastes as original buffalo ghee. My mother is so happy. we are from Chennai and we tried all the company ghee we were not satisfied. Since from last year we love Sitara Foods buffalo ghee alot. Reminds us of our grandmother hand made buffalo ghee. We also purchased Tomato pickle, prawn pickle, Usirikkai pickle everything was so amazing. we love the amazing taste of Sitara Foods. They are maintaining original quality and taste of Andhra Pradesh. Thanks for making our day Happy. My humble request to everyone please try purchasing from Sitara Foods definitely you will enjoy the original taste of Andhra. Thanks
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