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How To Make Divine Tasting Vankaya pachadi / Brinjal / Eggplant Chutney Recipe

There is a famous saying in telugu that,

Vankaya vanti kurayunpankajamukhi seetha vanti bhama maniyunshankaruni vanti daivambhulankaadhipu vairi vanti raajun kalade, Meaning: Eggplant like curry, let it be of any form Chutney or curry.Lotus faced Lady like Seetha (Wife of Rama) Shiva like deityAnd Lankaadipati, Mr. Ravana enemy like King, Can we ever find?

Here we are about to discuss marking of the most tasteful recipe of vankaya or egg plant. Vankaya pachadi is made in different styles with several variations of ingredients. But now I am sharing nice and tasty flavoured egg chutney. Preparing this chutney with jeera it will gives nice aroma to the chutney. Some versions don’t use raw onions, but now we use both raw onions and also some fried onions. This chutney is made very hot green chillies and are used to bring out the true taste. If you don’t like raw onions, You can skip it. but the taste comes from the onions too. This chutney is made in rubbu rolu, the traditional hand stone grinder, this gives good taste to the chutney. You might also like Vankaya Niluva pachadi / Brinjal Pickle / baingan achari

INGREDIENTSVankayalu -1/4kg or 250 grams (Don’t use big onions it’s not give good taste, select small and fresh brinjal)Green chillies -10onions / yerragaddalu – 2 medium (one for the fry and one for directly added to the chutney) Jeera / Cumin seeds -1 table spoonOil – 3 table spoonGarlic cloves -5Curry leaves – few strandsTamarind – one big lemon sizeTomato -1 medium sizeTurmeric powder – Pinch Salt as per taste

METHOD1. First take the brinjal / vankaya / egg plant and cut them into pieces.  

2. Drop them in water containing salt. Doing this will remove the blackness of the brinjal caused by oxidation.

3. Keep the brinjal pieces side. This remove salt water before cooking.

4. Cut onions (2 no’s) into small pieces (half pieces used for frying and remaining directly add to the chutney)

5. Soak tamarind in water and keep it aside.6. Chop the tomato and keep it aside.

PREPARATION1. Take a pan, add oil to it. After oil gets heated add jeera and let them splutter.

2. Into it add green chillies.

3. Add garlic cloves and a pinch of turmeric.

4. After that add onions and let them fry for a minute, add the cut brinjal pieces into the pan and fry it for few minutes.

5. then add chopped tomato and little salt.

6. Turn off the flame and keep it aside.

7. After the mixture is cool down. Put the entire pan contents into the hand stone grinder, you can also use blender if you don’t have the traditional hand grinder or rolu and salt as per your preference, grind to make this into a coarse paste (don’t blend smoothly)

8. Finally add raw onions to the brinjal chutney and then adjust the salt, Now enjoy with vankaya pachadi with hot rice and ghee. Wow Wow Wow is what you will hear from your family after eating the egg plant pachadi with rice and ghee. If you don’t have the patience or time for preparing brinjal pachadi, you can try our almost equal variety, vankaya pachadi / brinjal pickle / eggplant achar pickle to make you quick meal more delicious. Available to purchase online from SITARA FOODS vegetarian pickles Online category. Yours – Chaganti Rama Koteshwaramma

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