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How To Make Mutton / Lamb Curry / Pottelu Kura (Online Recipe)

Mutton curry is one of the most famous and very tasty curry for all the non veg lovers. This recipe is made with spices that gives exotic flavour to the recipe. The feeling that you are left with, after eating Mutton Gravy is nothing less than food heaven.

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IngredientsMutton(Lamb, not too mature)-1kg

Onion-2 medium size(one onion for paste & one onion for fry)

Ginger&Garlic paste-2 Table Spoons

Green Chillies-4

Tomato-1 Medium Size

Chilli Powder-2 table spoons

Coriander Powder-2 Table Spoons

Turmeric Powder-1/4 Table Spoon

Fresh coconut pieces-1/4 cup


Oil-4 Table Spoons

Salt to taste

SPICES: Cloves-10, Cinnamon stick-2”inches, Green Cardamom – 3

For Grinding: Take mixie jar in that add one onion cut into slices, coriander powder, fresh coconut pieces, cashews, cloves-5, cinnamon stick-1”inch, green cardomam-1. All these make a smooth paste and kept it side.


  1. First clean the mutton neatly.Take a pressure cooker add mutton, salt, oil, little turmeric powder, required water. Give stir the mutton then close the lid and put it on stove. For mutton with bones you will need to cook 3 to 4 whistles. After cooked the mutton keep it aside.

2. Heat pan add oil after heating oil add spices(cloves, cinnamon stick, green cardamom), onion, curry leaves, green chillies.Fry onions it will turns transluscent.

3. After add grounded masala and then fry masala until oil separates on sides.After add tomato fry it.

4. Now add mutton stir well then add chilli powder and can adjust salt for your taste.

5. Now close the lid cook the mutton on low simmer atleast 20 minutes. after cooked the mutton add coriander leaves serve with IDLI,DOSA, RICE, CHAPATHI and RAGI SANGATI.

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