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Start off your day right with the best Andhra Sweets & Snacks Online

The famous saying goes like – “You are what you eat, so eat something sweet”.  Don’t you feel sweets are needed to keep you energetic?  Yeah!  They are the boosters to our body mostly needed for our fast-paced life.  None of the Indian Festival is complete without indulging in mouth-watering Sweets and Snacks, ain’t it? Imagine yourself making authentic Telangana Snacks for your religious rituals? And delicious Andhra Sweets or snacks at your home for your next birthday celebration? It’s really tricky as well as tough for me. And what about you? Not to worry, better start off your day right with the best Andhra sweets & snacks online and also enlighten your celebration mood by ordering them from the best home-made, hand-made people of Sitara Foods.

“Life is sweet to enjoy a treat”. So, stick with me and I would love to show you how to select those delicious treats prepared in a hygienic environment, which has always held us in awe. Let us also know how much you love and appreciate our Telangana Snacks online as well as Andhra sweets online and Andhra snack online prepared with mesmerized flavours and care.

Sumptuous Sweets and Snacks

Sitara Foods is a pioneer in making traditional sweets and snacks, with an intransigent promptness to high quality and peerless taste. Sumptuous Kakinada Gottam Kaja and special Sweet Bellam Gavvulu are the rising Andhra Sweets Online from Sitara, with the scope of appetizing delicacies and the scrumptious Karam Sakinalu and Chekodi are the Telangana Snacks Online that will surely tickle your palate with a house hold taste that lasts to make your day more fresh and beautiful.

Sitara Foods, features its own signature of Telangana Snacks Online prepared using organic ingredients, to kick off your celebration mood during festivals and auspicious occasions plus also gives a perfect end of gifted goodies bag in marriages, religious rituals, naming ceremonies, or simply a get-together party with good wishes and love. Don’t forget to order some best Andhra sweets and snacks online which leaves your tongue really awestruck and makes it come back for more.

Sweet Bellam Gavvulu

A branded native snack of Andhra and Telangana!  Here is our Sweet Bellam Gavvulu, the legendary Andhra Sweet Online for its dying combination of sweetness and crispiness. Right from youngers to elders will love the sweets for its unique shape and delicious taste. Do you know Bellam Gavvulu has got a cousin? Yes, you are right its Spicy Gavvulu and it resembles the same as Sweet Bellam Gavvulu with a lovely shell shape. A shell in your plate feasting you as dessert or an evening time snack. One needs to be patient to get this shape at home, isn’t it? To make your job easier we at Sitara Foods prepare fresh snacks in a hygienic environment and deliver you the hand-made and home-made food with good quality at your doorstep. Order

Telangana Snacks Online and enjoy them utmost!

Kakinada Gottam Kaja

They are synonymous with the city of Kakinada, and a much-loved symbol of Andhra’s identity. “Sweet is the best taste of life…..”. Would you like to taste a traditional Andhra Sweet Online dipped in sugar syrup? Wow Right. It’s an appetizing Kakinada Gottam Kaja, an elite soft dessert that looks like a ribbon roll with a crispy outside and juicy inside. Would you like to accentuate your kids birthday party with anew sweet? Then we prefer you to go with Kakinada Gottam Kaja, an ideal, home-made premium quality dessert from Sitara Foods to energize your body at all times.

Karam Sakinalu

The dearest Telangana Snack Online is Karam Sakinalu. An auspicious snack loved by all Indians for its bangle shape and tempting taste, that can add charm to both ordinary evenings and festivals alike! Best suited for your spring time snacks as it is made from the healthiest rice flour, toasted sesame seeds and a good source of fiber giving it a unique flavour that goes well with a crunchy spiciness. Order this tasty, crunchy Andhra Snack Online just by a click from Sitara Foods and give it a try.


A treasure among Andhra Snacks Online is Chekodi. Captivating golden shade with speckled spots, kids favourite crunchy rings, popular munchies, with an irresistible addictive taste and that’s the topmost South Indian’s favourite Chekodi. Easily digestible, gluten-free Telangana Snack Online with high nutrition. Whether your mamma find no time to get this crispy Chekodi at home? No worries, just order this versatile, fresh home-made and hand-made TV time snack online from Sitara Foods to share it with your family and friends.

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