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Non-Veg Pickles in Canada – Affluent, exalted meal addendums !

A pandemic can never stop you from having your favourite food, isn’t it?  And that too, crossing this lockdown phase can happen only with some essentials at stock in your pantry shelves not only to fill your tummies but your hearts too. Make your meals phenomenal and divergent not toiling in the kitchen but by being perceptive when you set the tables. Annex your plates with affluent, exalted meal addendums like a pinch of non veg pickles supplementing your victuals even when you live abroad.

Express your love in Just a Minute to your near and dear ones!

Do you have a niece or nephew who has been to Canada for higher studies?  Are you thinking about your brother or sister who would miss native food just because they traveled to Canada of late for pursuing their career?   When you call your son or daughter in Canada do you hide what you had cooked for the day at home, just because he/she may feel “oh, no I missed it ma!”?  No qualms fellas!  A problem is created just because it has an available solution! Take your mobiles and place an order for the ideal Andhra style non veg pickles available at sitara foods online store and make it reach the doorway of your loved one in just 60 seconds!

Non Veg Pickles in Canada for those meat lovers!

For everyone who reckons the pungent taste of food while enjoying the Poutine, Canadian bacon or Pizza, a sour and spicy addition to your palate can be – PICKLES, the darling grandma recipes from Sitara foods selling South Indian non veg pickles in Canada now is truly a surprise for you.

Don’t you think a satisfying ‘plop’ of chicken pickle in Canada acts as an escort making you feel almost virtually present with your mom for the non veg love you possess!  They are simple, pretty, wonderful preservations adding a tangy delight in every bite while topping your bruschetta or crostini otherwise forming great accompaniments with simple idly/dosa/roti to Pot Biriyani Bowls/curd rice that you make in your accommodations or lodgings in canada!

Multitudinous Combinations with Pickles!

Can you ever imagine a charcuterie board or Caesar salad or Crudités without pickles?  I don’t think so!  Whether they are deep fried or simple, that kind of a brining sophistication is required to play the role of

· a dip

· a topping

· a side dish or

· to make an instant main dish

like preparing chicken biriyani with Sitara chicken pickle similar to the making of Pulihora rice with pulihora paste, isn’t it ? Non veg pickles have such multitude of blends and mixtures.

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