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Customary Online Pickle Store To Desire Your Meals All Time!

Are you a fin gourmet?  Are you not satisfied with your PG or hotel or Restaurant food?  Are you looking to taste the best of best food varieties that are prepared following age-old traditions?  Are you a customary food lover?  Then you have landed in the right place to have a good read further.  When you are a person who rejoices in the joy of pickling, the major ingredient with which the pickle is prepared doesn’t matter, right?  For me, it isn’t!  Whether it is Tamarind Pickle, Ginger Pickle, Gongura Pickle, Garlic Pickle or Coriander pickle made traditionally my enjoyment is just the highest and after all, it leaves me finger licking.  Willing to taste the conventional, authentically made, customary tamarind pickle online to desire your meals all time, then you need to order it from us?

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness” – Auguste Escoffier

For nutritious and satiating food, you must not miss plant-based pickles from the legitimate online pickle store – Sitara Foods!  In earlier days the secret of pickling was considered to be the economical means to stay healthy and it later developed into a must-add item to your meal choices.

Even when you are a guest at someone’s home been invited for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, your tongue slips by asking a question “Can I have some pickle please?”  Hope most of you would have faced this situation if you have ever tasted South Indian Pickles Online from the real pickle makers who prepare them without any preservatives, chemicals, or artificial colors.

That question may have left a few embarrassed or they would have very well offered you something to taste from their kitchen pantry shelves.  Sometimes you like it or sometimes you don’t.  But you need to taste the peculiar variety of pickles like Tamarind Pickle, Coriander Pickle, and Ginger Pickle from us to ensure that you will keep them in stock and offer your guests without fail on the corner of their platters or banana leaves.  Even lunch in a gazebo will not be so scrumptious when you are being offered the perfect Andhra Style Pickles like these below!

Pulpy, Time-honored Tamarind Pickle

When your meal is filled with the warmth of roasted veggies & some cooked whole grains like quinoa, barley, buckwheat, millet, brown rice, or sorghum, an add-on like this pulpy tamarind pickle online can make a hearty meal and you would not hesitate to call it a day.  Tamarind Pickle is a zesty, citrusy, delicious recipe suitable for any time of the year and you are sure to love it as a great alternative to your side dishes or curries that are normally cooked at home.

Tamarind pickle is a good combo with the weekend roasts or meat-based mains like biriyani that you make on a Sunday at home.  As for me, the seasonal veggies do not always fill the gap na?

Celestial Coriander Pickle

Seeking a fulfilled meal on your lazy Sundays?

Just pick a jar of Sitara’s celestial coriander pickle which is nature’s superfood and serves as the most nutrient-dense, sustainable food rather than rip your head off with the challenge of “What to cook?”  I prefer to do so in place of sniffing out for the Mediterranean diet, keto diet, gluten-free diet, paleo diet, or a vegan diet too!  Coriander pickles are the superheroes for those foodies who are hunting for tasty, yummy, and delicious foods.  It certainly suits your “Stay @ home and stay healthy” confrontation and makes you feel you are doing justice to yourself and your body.

Gracious Ginger Pickle

An out-of-the-world, fun-filled, and most relished pickle by the mothers who feed their babies is this Ginger Pickle.   That severe acidity trouble that hits every mom after delivery is something that needs to be attended to with such uniquely flavored achar variety like a ginger pickle or Nilava Allam Pachadi. Not only childbirth is a reason to consume this wonder pickle, but during monsoon and winters to keep your body warm all you need is a teaspoon of a ginger pickle with plain rice, idli, dosa, roti, or other salads that you wish to take too.

It is the most suitable and the best aromatic as we use the tender ginger to make these pickles in Andhra style at Sitara Foods.

If you need to make your loved ones eat this ginger pickle then make it a point to spread it on the vegetable dosa that you make and serve it to them with some coriander chutney.  The kids will just love it and it keeps them away from cold, flu, and other common ailments that occur during the winter season.  We must be gifted to get such healthy food items with a single click from the online pickle store like Sitara yet maintain the family health at ease, isn’t it?

Consume food in Indian style as the life expectancy rate has increased from 65.53 years in 2010 to 69.27 years in 2020 as per the reports of the global survey conducted.

This backs the idea that finding the roots of food habits and following them would contribute to a further increase in life expectancy among Indians.  Do you have the idea to live longer?  I do!  So, why not get back to the roots which our elders followed?  Make pickling your habit too!  When you decide to buy South Indian Pickles Online Sitara Foods are bona fide experts of the pickling Industry!

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