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Super foods that our grandmothers diligently offered us to spice up our taste buds is this Kaju(Hot)!

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Super foods that our grandmothers diligently offered us to spice up our taste buds is this Kaju(Hot)!



Super foods that our grandmothers diligently offered us to spice up our taste buds is this Kaju(Hot)!

         Kaju’s are the best-loved nuts as well as considered to be the super food in India. Normal Kaju is used as a key ingredient in the making of several sweets and used to enhance quite a few others. What about the spice lovers, though? You all have an additive snack up option which is exceptionally nutty and tantalizes our taste buds in such a way that we can never stop eating is this Kaju hot.  Enjoy the popping spices by making an order online from your Sitara Foods!

         These are good for kids as well. With full of protein in it just giving a handful of these to your growing kids as their after-school snacks will help you see them happy and well-fed. Exquisite whole kajus are selected and sourced from local farmers and made into a flavourful mix to make this ever-so-versatile Kaju (hot).  The Kaju is sure to make for an interesting and crunchy chai-time companion!  Purchase online and get the crunch on!

What could be healthier than Kaju hot with a cup of tea?

  • Sprinkled with delectable fresh ground Southern Spice redchili powder and crackling other essential spices, Kaju’s are dry roasted to perfection in the Sitara Foods Kitchen. Roasting Kaju’s bring out the nuts naturally rich flavour and produce a crisper texture, which enhances this healthy, nutrient-dense snack. Grab this healthy snack on the go when you need a crunchy bite.
  • A snack for teatime or an accompaniment for a weekend binge-watch session – these hot Kaju’s are perfect as both! It comes with a longer shelf life as they are fried in fresh ghee, but this Sitara foods product is sure to vanish from your kitchen sooner than you think!  Buy online this real treat from Sitara Foods. They are the best nuts you can ever find anywhere.
  • Though the main accompaniment may be during festivals, family functions or guest visits, this Kaju (hot) is a simple yet loyal companion you can always rely on for making even a normal day more special!

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Are Kaju’s Healthy?

         Yes, it’s better than any other junk or fast food.  Single cashew contains about 21% protein, 46% fat, and 25% carbohydrates. They are delightfully rich and tasty, fresh and crispy and 100 percent natural crunchy too.  Learn about Kaju’s nutritional benefits, and how to select the most healthful nuts.  The major benefits of consuming Kaju are

  • High calcium and magnesium content in Kaju’s strengthen bones.
  • The high copper content in Kaju’s improves the texture of skin and hair.
  • Kaju is protein-rich that is particularly important for rebuilding muscle tissue.
  • Kaju’s are a great source of zinc that boosts your immune system.
  • Research also points to the benefits of Kaju on your nerves, due to their powerful micronutrient content.
  • Heart’s best friend as it contains folic acid which improves the cardiovascular system. Right sources of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, low-fat content and lowers cholesterol.

Here is how to make Kaju(hot)!

         While we Indians are dedicated to our masalas, we wouldn’t mind treating ourselves royally once in a while. And this recipe serves exactly that purpose.  Roasted in ghee with just the right mix of spices, the flavored cashew nuts from Sitara foods are nothing short for a delight.

Ingredients: Cashew, salt, Kashmiri red chili powder, ghee, turmeric.

  • Firstly, heat 1tbsp ghee on a medium flame and roast 1cup Kaju’s to a golden brown.
  • Add ½ tsp chili powder, ¼ tsp turmeric, and ½ tsp salt. Also, adjust spices to your choice.
  • Mix well till the spices get coated.
  • Finally, serve spiced yummy Kaju(hot).

         But even this simple fried and roasted Kaju, ideal for evening snacks or a side dish to your meal too can take your time to prepare it.  If you feel you can’t spare so much time in kitchen, with the changing lifestyle do order online from the best food products online store – Sitara Foods.

         There are multiple ways the Kaju (hot) can be roasted and served as a snack. The Kaju’s can also be oven roasted without any oil to make it complete healthy snack. Perhaps Kaju (hot) snack is undoubtedly a guilt-free snack and can be served to all gender and age groups without any fuss.  Kaju’s are more nutritious than compared to other available nuts.

         You can order this in bulk and store it in an airtight container after opening for up to 15-20 days and our chefs are experts in making this with supplementary special ingredient of love and care added to it.

         This Kaju (hot) from Sitara Foods is infused with the choicest of spice mixes that will make you instantly fall in love! The minute you open a pack of our flavourful Kaju (hot), everyone in the house will be surely drawn to it. So, the next time you are having a family function, what do you think will drive the kids to drop their phones and love the snack at the table with family? Undoubtedly, Kaju (hot), isn’t it?

         Buy online and take it to your friends’ home when you visit them after a long time or send it as a gift to your guru. They are sure to love this exemplary gift.  We at Sitara Foods strive to continue to prepare products with special health benefits aiming to maintain and improve the health of our esteemed customers. Hoping to do so always……….Thanks for all your support till now. We expect it further also.


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