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Nuvvu undalu, A tasty and classic snack to build the iron men and women without gym from Sitara Foods!

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Nuvvu undalu, A tasty and classic snack to build the iron men and women without gym from Sitara Foods!


NUVVU LADDU / ELLU URUNDAI / TIL LADOO (Premium Quality Hand Made)

Nuvvu undalu, A tasty and classic snack to build the iron men and women without gym from Sitara Foods!

         Sesame seeds made into jaggery balls, also known as ‘Nuvvundalu’ in the southern regions of India is a tasty and classic snack to build iron man or woman without gym.  If you’re someone who likes the crunchy texture of crushed seeds accompanying every bite of your sweet, then you can drench in the taste of Nuvvundalu.

         If that isn’t enough for a foodie like you, it also comes with the goodness of ghee which binds the Bellamu (which means Jaggery in Telugu) and Nuvvulu together! Nuvvundalu is one of the most sought-after sweets from Sitara Foods as it combines the best of all its ingredients and comes to you in a wholesome package.

Famous names of Nuvvundalu:

Nuvvundalu or Sesame seeds laddu is a traditional and super healthy Indian sweet snack made with white sesame seeds and jaggery. These laddus are very much famous across India and known as chummily or Nuvvula Undalu in Telugu, TilKe Laddoo in Hindi, Ellu Urundai in Tamil, Ellu Unde in Kannada. You can buy online this classic and a quick Indian Sweet snack from Sitara Foods and give it a try.

Is Nuvvundalu good for health?

  • Yes obviously, Nuvvundalu is the best nutritious traditional sweet, the ingredients used in this prevents and cures most diseases we are prone to because of modern lifestyle changes.
  • There may be a variety of Indian sweets available, but Nuvvundalu has a special reception because of its dying combination for its crispiness and sweetness! This combination can be attained only by hands-on experience by our chefs as it needs the right consistency of jaggery syrup so that it is crispy but not soggy or hard as a rock.
  • This famous South Indian sweet recipe triggers your childhood memories of how your granny has made it for you when you used to go to your native. If you are staying away from your home, then this is a must-order product from Sitara Foods.
  • There is a special fanfare for this item from mothers who have a girl child between the ages of 10 to 15, because it gives all the required iron and helps regulate flow of blood during their puberty stage.

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Unbeatable Health Benefits:

  • Sesame seeds are classified as condiments and are a good source of energy due to high-fat content. They are rich in healthy fats like poly-unsaturated fatty acids and Omega-6.
  • The nutritional values of black and white sesame seeds cannot be challenged. They are having the highest levels of protein, fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus that helps boost energy levels.
  • It helps to prevent diabetes, lowers cholesterol and burns fat, prevents cancer, gives healthy skin, strengthens bones, improves absorption of nutrients, prevents hair fall and dandruff and maintains ideal oral health.
  • Jaggery (or Gur in Hindi) is made from unrefined sugar and is obtained by boiling raw, concentrated sugar cane juice till it solidifies.
  • It prevents constipation by aiding digestion.
  • It acts as a detox, as it helps clean the liver by flushing out nasty toxins from the body.
  • Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and minerals, hence building stronger immunity.
  • It helps women in their menstrual cramps and abdominal pain.
  • Jaggery turns as a natural sweetener and supplies energy over an extended period.

Not only Nuvvundalu is a great source of protein, but also rich sources of fatty acids and amino acids. Get benefited by making an order online and consuming this Nuvvundalu from Sitara Foods.

How to make delicious, tempting Nuvvundalu?

Ingredients – Sesame seeds, Jaggery, Ghee.

  1. Put a pan on medium flame and dry heat the sesame seeds. Roast well till you get a nice aroma. Put a deep pan and boil a cup of water. Add the crushed jaggery in the boiling water and blend well till the jaggery dissolves well.
  2. Now, lower the flame and mix the roasted sesame seeds with ghee in the jaggery water. Stir well and once the mixture begins to thicken, turn off. Allow it to cool down.
  3. Then, make it into balls of your preferred size.

         All grandparents have the habit of ending their meal with a bite of sweet like Nuvvundalu made from jaggery as they believe it adds a pinch of iron to their body. Yeah, it is true! Jaggery prevents anaemia.

         This Nuvvula Laddu can be consumed guilt-free during winter and for various festivals like Durga Pooja, Navratri, Onam, Sankranti, etc. Substitute those chocolates with this yummy and health balls and give more pleasure to your kids with your creativity! Purchase online and make your job easier at this stage too!

         This recipe is a sure shot result for all sugar cravings and is great for people with a sweet tooth! So, why do you wait? Make it now and relish it with your loved ones. You can buy this healthy snack from Sitara Foods throughout the year.

         We at Sitara Foods make all our products devoid of additives, preservatives or any kind of artificial colours. They are 100% natural and organic, chemical free and uses no colours, so assumed to have a longer shelf life that we state to you. Purchase online this Nuvvundalu and make the occasion that you celebrate more special.

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