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Got a Sweet Tooth?  Here’s a perfectly healthy alternative to satisfy your Cravings!

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Got a Sweet Tooth?  Here’s a perfectly healthy alternative to satisfy your Cravings!


Peanut Laddu (Ground Nut Jaggery Ladoo)

Got a Sweet Tooth?  Here’s a perfectly healthy alternative to satisfy your Cravings!

         A complete blast from the past! This awesome all-natural palm jaggery Chikki Vundalu is sure to bring some awesome memories rushing in! The nutty sweet lends itself about ‘sticky ends’ and ‘biting off more than you can chew’. Take a bite of this delicious nutty bar from our Sitara Foods and feel your taste buds thanking you!

         Snacking just got healthier and tastier with this awesome jaggery Chikki Vundalu. This nostalgic snack is the perfect healthy means to satiate your hunger pangs. Just one bite of Chikki Vundalu will leave you craving for more, giving you the perfect blend of taste, crunch, and nutrition!  Purchase online and give it a try!

What are you waiting for?  It’s time to switch to SUPER SNACKS!

  • This Chikki Vundalu is made from quality roasted peanuts containing high protein and rich jaggery – a source of much – needed iron. The crunchiness will work its magic and you will fall in love with this it for sure!  It is fit food for fasting! Purchase this perfect snack from Sitara Foods and enable a reduced appetite as it is a slow burner which ensures you will not feel hungry for long hours and prevents you from overeating.
  • It is an awesome after school snack and perfect for kitty parties! Make your 11’o clock and 4’o clock snacking worth it!

Why We Like It?

  • Crunch away Chikki Vundalu without any fear because this product is completely natural and makes you nostalgic bringing back your childhood memories.  When you buy this product from Sitara Foods, you are avoiding artificial colors or flavors and saying yes to nature, which is healthy for you and the eco system which you care for!
  • These nuts are the perfect way to indulge in some guilt-free snacking! Low on carbs, the rich flavors of groundnuts brings a welcome change to your tea/coffee time snacking. The nuts undergo minimal processing to retain the choicest flavor and the best nutritional value in each piece.

A Splendid gift for your sweet loving friend who is health-conscious.

         Sitara Foods Chikki Vundalu is made purely from jaggery and peanuts, in a hygienic environment. Best enjoyed when shared with family and friends. While we have been used to a traditional carbohydrate-rich diet, it is quite hard to switch to something healthy. Well, you no longer have to compromise taste for a healthy diet! These nuts are processed without any chemicals so they retain their authentic taste. And the best part? Just one bite will leave you craving for more!

Shelf Life: Chikki Vundalu has a shelf life of 90 days, but we are sure you would leave your boxes empty long before its expiry. However, until then, ensure that you store in a cool and dry place.  Buy online from your Sitara Foods and enjoy eating them!

Health Benefits of Chikki Vundalu:

  • The presence of high levels of mono-unsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats in peanuts help to keep the heart-healthy.
  • It helps to deal with stress and anxiety.
  • One of the best snacks for diabetes, good for skin and hair.
  • Low risk of weight gain. It helps in-fertility.
  • Reduces the risk of stomach cancer.
  • Rich in energy equal to your granola bar.

You might also buy our other delicious home made sweets like Orange Mittai, Sweet Bellam Gavvalu, Kamarakt Jaggery Cocunut Candy and Sugar Less Pootharekulu for Diabetic at Sitara Foods Online Store.

Benefits of Jaggery:

         Jaggery is made by boiling sugar cane juice to a certain temperature. The best time to consume jaggery is in winters as winters are the season of sugar cane and you get very fresh jaggery to consume which helps in boosting the immunity and fight against cold and cough. Jaggery should be consumed everyday at-least 10-20 grams in the form of sweets like Chikki Vundalu. It eases up the blood circulations, removes toxin and gives shine to the face.

Like peanuts, jaggery too is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Prevents anemia
  • It helps to ease out menstrual pain.
  • Acts as a blood purifier.
  • Prevents constipation.
  • Detoxify the liver.
  • Controls blood pressure.
  • Helps in weight loss

Now you know the benefits of these two superfoods, don’t shy away from chomping on this amazing combination whenever you feel like! Order online from Sitara Foods and enjoy them without remorse making noises while you eat.

A Healthy Nut you should never miss!

  • Pregnant women should have this all nine months to get their daily dose of folic acid and calcium apart from their daily dose of medicine. This can overcome the problems of anemia, bone problems and also dental problems.
  • Peanuts are so popular in India and are mainly used as seed oil for cooking. Peanuts have all nutrients of almond, pistachio, cashew nuts and hence it is included in the family of nuts. Peanuts are easily available in India anywhere and all-round the year. People in India have peanut even for chutney, butter, in dishes as an ingredient, and popularly as a salted snack!
  • Just two decades ago, healthy traditional sweets were available in plenty. With time, fancy packaged, flavor loaded, sweets took over. We have craved, enjoyed and grew up amidst these traditional sweets and the young children of today are unaware of that taste. It is our earnest desire to bring back these traditional sweets through ‘Sitara Foods’. Who knows? Chikki Vundalu may even become an alternative to chocolate!

Order online for this most loved delightful snack of India from Sitara Foods devised by our best chefs and culinary masters to make it so for your children.  Our products are a result of extensive research and development, ensuring that our customers get only the best. We look forward to hearing your experience of these amazing Chikki Vundalu.

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