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Pick Andhra Style Sweets Online As A Unique Gift On Special Occasions

Gifts are special messengers of affection and appreciation. Isn’t it a wonder that gifts bring joy to both the giver and the receiver? However, choosing the right gift is a very tricky affair. Are you thinking of a gift that will surely work on all important occasions? Do you want to choose a gift that will definitely delight the receiver? It is easy; Think different – Order a free delivery of Sitara’s scrumptilicious Andhra style sweets online to play the role of a messenger!  Bring a smile to your loved one’s face!

Why should you choose Andhra style sweets as a gift?

We spend too much time and effort scouring the shelves of gift shops and online sites for the perfect gift and nothing feels right enough. Now, think of the delicious Madatha kaja, Telangana sakinalu or the pootharekulu sweets that are delivered as a gift! Is there any person living who can resist the temptation of these traditional delicacies! When you have one look at the brand name, Sitara foods, you can be assured that the quality is top-notch, and the sweets have been prepared and delivered under Sitara’s uncompromising food safety standards.  Enjoy the flavours and the fulfillment of eating lip-smacking sweets! And thank the sender of the gift for an undeniably perfect gift.

The right gift for all seasons

Traditional sweets are a gift for every season and occasion. Is it Diwali? Is it New year? Is it any festival close to your heart? A pack of sweets is just perfect. Are you celebrating an anniversary? Or is it a farewell party? A Promotion? Graduation? A Journey to a new job in another city or another country? The carefully chosen sweets will win hearts every time. Even when there isn’t any special occasion and you want to cheer up someone or just let them know that you are thinking of them, order these authentic Andhra originals at a click, and send happiness parceled across the miles!

Special sweet Recommendations

The Pootharekulu or the Poothareku is more than a dessert; it is a legacy. The name comes from the words ‘coating (Pootha) + Rekulu (sheet)’ which is how this dessert is made. It is a wafer thin wrapper of rice flour, which is filled with jaggery/sugar and coated in ghee/ sugar/ jaggery. Very often we want to give gifts that are reminiscent of our rich tradition. The pootharekulu, originally from  Atreyapuram of Andhra Pradesh is an ideal choice. Every time we need to taste the delicate creation of this gastronomical masterpiece, remember that all you need to do is pick a device and buy pootharekulu online. Keep our heritage alive & vibrant!!

The savory Telangana Sakinaluis a perfect combination to the sweet kaja and the pootharekulu. Telangana Sakinalu is made especially for Sankranthi, but it is an all-time favourite snack. It is made of rice flour sprinkled with spice and sesame seeds and fried in oil. Order this crunchy and yummy snack for yourself or for a loved one. The Telangana Sakinalu is available online for hassle free and safe delivery.

The Madatha kaja is a flavorful dessert from Andhra made of fine flour and fragrant ghee and coated in luscious sugar syrup. Fans of the kaja will love the layered texture and taste on the tongue. Close your eyes and savor the flavor of the Madatha kaja yourself and at just a click order one as a gift for all whom you wish the best for!

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