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Pickle Power: Unique Food combos from Andhra Vegetarian Pickles

“Pickles with mouth-watering spices are eaten only with rice!”  Do you think this is true?  Then you must definitely read further.  What are the other pickle combos that you should try?  Read on to get to know more about our Pickle power with unique food combos from Andhra Vegetarian Pickles Online with other food varieties.  Follow your instincts and come up with even more fun yum recipes!

It’s not just pickles!

Have you wondered about what else you can do with pickles?  It is a staple item that is stacked in all kitchens. We use them as spicy side dishes to jazz up bland curd rice. We use them with tiffin items or with meals. Pickles are a yummy combination to eat with parathas, chapathis and rotis. These wheat breads blend perfectly with the tanginess and spice of the Andhra Vegetarian Pickles Online from Sitara.  Did you know that pickles can be used as dips for potato chips, Kurkure, fryums and cheetos?   They go well with raita and Biryani too!

There are more combinations that you can try!  The rules are simple.  When you have a dish of rice, pudding or any other bland food and you wish you had a little more tanginess and spice, then just tweak it with a dash of pickle and you have an amazing combo! That means you can try this for any Chinese cuisine that requires a ‘piquer’! You can experiment with pickles on non-vegetarian delicacies too!  Smear some on your grilled chicken barbeque and be ready for an explosion of taste!

The best combo options: Andhra Vegetarian Pickles Online from Sitara

Andhra Avakai Pickle:

The Andhra avakai pickle is made from green Andhra mangoes. The oil and spices are tempered in such a way that the flavour of this Andhra original pickle is incomparable. They are so packed in yum-factor that this is one pickle that you can snack just on its own!  Watch your tongue buddies!

Gongura Pickle

The gongura pickle is made from the edible leaves of the gongura plant. The natural sour taste of the leaf is vital in achieving the lip-smacking relish of this pickle. As we are talking of combos, try using a sprinkle of pickle as coating for your fried fritters and chicken roasts!

Kothimeera Coriander Pickle

The kothimeera coriander pickle can be used in batter coating while preparing fried chicken and other fried dishes. What is more is that this pickle is bursting with digestive health benefits. When someone is ill with fever and on a bland diet, and on the way to recovery, a tiny serving of the kothimeera pickle will help in digestion and coax the person to eat well and gain strength too!

Order Sitara Foods – Andhra Vegetarian Pickles online! Have a blast with classy pickle combos using these three varieties of Andhra Avakai Pickle, Gongura Pickle and Kothimeera Coriander Pickle!

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