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5 Powerful Reasons why Garam Masala Powder is The Best Culinary King

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything” – Arabian Proverb

As this saying goes, if you have health you have everything.  But, how do you think you can keep in pace with this fast world as well as maintain good health?  Isn’t it a big question?  Still the answer is simple.  Just add those Moringa Leaves / Drumstick Leaves Powder and Sorrel Leaves / Gongura Karam Powder along with your daily diet plans, then things become easier than you expected it to be.  The shade of sourness and bitterness to your body makes magic happen in a jiffy.  They play the role of a magical wand actually. Not only this, but you can also use one secret spice of Indian cuisine which contributes to your well-being. Come…on… it’s time you get to know the 5 powerful reasons why Garam Masala Powder is the best culinary king and also why add a pinch of Drumstick leaves powder and Gongura Karam Powder in your food regimen.

1.    5 reasons why Garam Masala Powder is superpower element

A myriad of ground, aromatic, Indian spices that gives a hot, strong and pungent taste!  The one secret ingredient used by all nannies in everyday cooking that helps not to leave us dehydrated, isn’t it?  If you are a person who has felt sick of traveling in flights or anywhere abroad just because you will miss this kind of a spice that you have tasted till date in your life, in your daily food then you deserve to know these specific reasons why Garam Masala Powder has this super power.

1.1. Energetic and boosted metabolism

Where do you think the brains of those Indian children come from?  It is all in that naughty, sweetie pie’s minds from the way they were brought up with all spicy, garma garam food that was prepared at their homes.  The truth is that these spices of garam masala powder keeps us active and gives rich phytonutrients that boosts our body’s metabolism, especially pepper that we use in cooking on a daily basis improves our organ functions.

1.2. Keeps you young

Antioxidant rich food naturally makes your skin glow and you will look & feel young when you add those spicy, tasty, quintessential spices mix of garam masala powder in every curry, vegetable dishes, soups or stews, chats, dhals, sabzi, tadkas or as tempering to khichdis, marinades or sprinkled over papads.

1.3. Overall health of your body boosts up

Cardamom, cinnamon and cloves in the garam masala powder fights against germs and bad breath, whereas the bay leaves, raw turmeric, fennel, cumin and poppy seeds has carminative properties which boosts digestion and fights against bloating, flatulence and nausea plus lowers your blood sugar levels too.

1.4. Makes you immune

In this kind of a pandemic situation, immunity building and having resistance is the most sought after life skill by us, right? The corona virus is just a circuit breaker.  All we need to do is know how to keep ourselves away from it and protect our own selves and family with nutrient & mineral rich food while staying at home. Choose food without preservatives, additives and colours to meet these criteria at ease.

The need of the hour is a little bit of warmth for your body.  Ayurveda says garam masala powder ingredients are always meant to keep your body warm and make you feel energetic and prepares you for a long day.  Don’t you feel if you are active throughout the day you will reach other touchstones as well?  Yep! You will ultimately end up reducing obesity problems and also, you will be able to burn fat and easily lose weight. You can kill two birds with one stone!

1.5. Fights Cancer

Flavorful food with right spices in right quantities prevents the growth of cancerous cells in the body by using hand-made, home-made garam masala powder.  Scientifically Indian spices are tagged as anti-cancer spices because of the anti-inflammatory effects they contribute to our body.

2. Add a pinch of Drumstick Leaves Powder and Gongura Karam Powder in your daily food!

Drumstick leaves powder and gongura karam powder was not only meant to be used by our elders when there were no vegetables handy, they are rich in nutrients, potassium and calcium which are very essential for our body.  An all season favourite spicy sorrel leaves powder or Gongura Karam Powder just gives your rice or upma the right topping and at the same time brings a feast of taste to your palate.

But, apart from being a condiment that tastes heavenly when taken along with ghee or gingelly oil and hot steamed rice or brown rice, these two powders have a specialty in them bringing into picture the unique umami taste also!  These leaves when separately powdered and taken without any spices added to them give umami taste only.  This was a taste which was coined by the Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda, in the early 20th century.

Drumstick leaves powder can be mixed with warm water and had in the empty stomach to keep your immune system healthy.  It is equal to having a cup of green tea or any other nature based drink.

Make your modus operandi to eat wholesome, nourishing and nutritious food!  Order online for the best of best quality home-made food products @ Sitara Foods!

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