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A Guide to buy/order/shop Mutton Pickle Online

Are you a pickle lover, then you must try to taste the Andhra Style Mutton pickle for sure. Are wondering where to buy Mutton pickle online to satisfy the hunger of your tummy and taste buds?  Here is a solution for all the mutton achar lovers of India. Introducing Sitara Foods & Pickles the India’s biggest home made pickles online store for both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Pickles.

Any meal can’t be this simple and cannot tastes any better, when you have white rice with Andhra Style mutton pickle. Simple meal, yet yummy.  Here, we give you a gist of how our andhra style mutton achar is made and available for shopping online in both India and countries across the globe like USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Denmark and more. Tender mutton meat selected for this pickle, should not be too mature and is sliced and diced into medium sized chunks. It’s clean boneless mutton we use for this pickle. The tender mutton chunks are cleaned using traditional methods by using turmeric powder and salt and washed off twice under running water. The boneless mutton pieces are then cooked on an oil pan without lid for a while and then turmeric powder and salt are added. Everyone knows turmeric powder is an anti-cancer herb and now the entire western world started using it. Refined groundnut oil is taken in a pan and heated, then good amount of curry leaves, known as karvepaku in telugu are added until they are out of moisture. The mutton pieces are then added and allowed to fry for few minutes on medium flame. Garlic paste is added and stirred well for it to get mixed with sheep meat pieces well. This south Indian mutton pickle is also called Malabar mutton or kerala mutton pickle pickle by few keralites. but this is not as per my knowledge.  But, this famous Andhra style mutton pickle is consumed in all parts of India from Chennai to Mumbai, Hyderabad to Delhi, Bangalore to Pune, Kochi to Kolkata. recipe continuation, the mutton pieces are fried until they turn golden brown and here comes the secret traditional homemade masala powder addition to the fried mutton pieces, the secret recipe of masala powder we use for mutton ka achar was passed on to our generation by our grandma. After adding the other ingredients like coriander powder, red-chilli powder and fenugreek-powder, a decent amount of lime juice is added and stir cooked unit the pickle turns little thicker. Salt can be added as per your preference. Now, you have two options, one you can make it yourself or if you want to save time, effort and risk of taste, you can opt for the second option to order perfect tasting Andhra style Mutton pickle online at

For people who are shopping for Mutton pickle online in USA , India and across the world, We deliver them to your door. Most of our satisfied customers convey to us that Sitara pickles tastes much better than priya, vellanki, swagruha and mother pickles. But, We feel that we are just a homemade pickle brand trying to make a bigger mark in the market with our taste and quality. We are trying to get our pickles reach, the people who love and miss the taste of homemade delicious pickles. Made with natural ingredients and old traditional recipes, these pickles are mouth watering and bring in a lot of spice and taste to routine food. The commercial pickle manufacturers use cheap oils, low quality ingredients and machines to make pickles. But we at Sitara Pickles, a home made pickle brand, since 33 years employing the local women at work, use good quality Mustard or Ground Nut oil for all our pickles with other quality ingredients that we source from local farmers. That is how we make our fresh and tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian south Indian pickles.

This blog article explains you how to shop for Mutton pickle online. All Sitara products are naturally made, traditional, handmade and homemade, and free from any preservatives, artificial flavours, taste enhancers and added colours. We employ near rural women for all our manpower needs, hence enhancing the rural employment by empowering the rural women.  Mutton Pickle varients High Spcie Mutton Pickle, Mild Spice Mutton Pickle, Gongura Mutton Pickle and Chintaaku Iguru Mutton Pickle available at Sitara Foods Online Store.

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