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Guide for your First Trimester India

The Real Happiness Felt For the First Time in Your Life – Pregnancy

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, the happiest people ever in the world would be your hubby and you, isn’t it would-be moms and dads?  How complete you will feel is unexplainable.  This is the case when you become the mother every time and you give the same kind of attention to all your kids when they are in the womb as well as when they grow.  No mother will be partial and your life during pregnancy needs extra special care.

A Complete Guide for your First Trimester:

Choose the right Doctor:

You have the right to choose the doctor who can guide you throughout your pregnancy from confirming till delivery.  If you already know a doctor whom you trust then you are safe, otherwise do a little bit of homework and talk to your friends, relatives and family members to find the best doctor according to your nature, so that you are comfortable throughout pregnancy.  Once you select your doctor, feel free to discuss your history with him/her so that there would be a mutual understanding between you both.  This is a very important factor because “Prevention is always better than cure” and the doctor will want to know if there are any chronic conditions or genetic abnormalities that exists in your families.

Proper supplements to maintain good health:

Even though you have your own family members to give you all the do’s and don’ts as well as tips to keep yourself healthy, some of them may be left out which we wish to tell you.

·      Don’t forget to take your prenatal vitamins like Folic Acid which is very essential to grow a healthy fetus.  It mainly prevents the baby from the risk of developing neural birth defects and helps in overall growth of the baby.

·      Keep in mind that you are the creator of a healthy new generation and quit any habits like smoking or consuming alcohol during pregnancy.   If you watch videos on how smoking affects your baby, you won’t feel like doing it anymore.

·      Avoid over-the-counter medicines.  This mistake is done by most of the mothers.  Even if it is a medication that you have been taking for a long time, please get the consent of your doctor.

·      High caffeine may also lead to miscarriage and so care needs to be taken in the first trimester.

·      Please do not lift any heavy weight or do chores that are harmful to you and the baby like using cleaning products or pesticides that are strong and harmful.

·      Avoid foods that contain toxins or bacteria like undercooked food, smoked food and meat based spread.

Even though it is difficult to follow healthy eating habits during the first trimester of pregnancy due to nausea and vomiting, just have certain principles formulated to eat the right food alone.  Nutritious foods must be kept in stock and handy in your refrigerator or on your dining table so that you can easily grab and eat it.  Examples are nuts, fruits, dried fruits, multigrain biscuits, yogurt, multigrain breads and some spreads that are healthy like butter, peanut butter; Curry Leaves Pickles, Tomato Pickle, Mango Pickle, Lemon Pickle etc.

These pickles help you to easily get relieved from your morning sickness.  Eating frequent small quantity of snacks and meals also help a lot during first trimester.  Go to bed early and take enough rest during pregnancy.  This makes you feel sluggish, but it is ok.  Your total metabolism works differently, so you need not mind!

What’s normal and what’s not?

Most of you have chances of getting confused on what is normal and what is abnormal during pregnancy whether you are a new mom or a mom for the second or third time.  Some of you may have only nausea or some may have aches and pains in the body, some have pain in the breasts.  So, to be clear on what’s normal, please discuss it with your doctor without fail.  You can even make a note of it whenever you remember or suffer due to some problem so that you can ask her during your visits.

When to announce your pregnancy?

Some people prefer announcing it earlier to friends, family and at office too.  But you can always wait till the second trimester starts when it starts to get more obvious to people that you are pregnant.  It’s up to you actually.  If you can’t hide due to pregnancy sickness that makes them ask you “Is there any good news?”, then you have to reveal or else if you are ok and normal you can very well wait for some more time.

Minor things that you can do to make your pregnancy more memorable:

The smallest gesture by someone grabs our heart at many times.  This feeling is just great!  Do the same to the yet to come life into this earth – Your baby.  Click photos of your belly every week and start creating a bond between you and your baby by talking to him/her from the day one you are confirmed of pregnancy.  They will surely listen to you and will be happy to see the photos once they grow up.  You can start writing pregnancy diaries and side by side keep track of your weight gain too :D.

Talk with your husband about parenting and start reading some good books on how to be the best parents?  Plan you budget to accommodate the new member in your family. Keep yourself hydrated and make it a point you drink enough water during pregnancy.  You can even keep alarms to remind you to drink a glass of water every 1 or 2 hours.  Not in the night time please.  You definitely need a good night’s sleep.

If you need to travel long distances during first trimester, please avoid it.  If it is unavoidable, you can very well go ahead with your doctor’s permission.  But carry healthy snacks and home-made food along with you.  This helps you to avoid unnecessary trouble that arises from eating outside food.

Love each and every day during your pregnancy!  Wait for things to happen your way!  See you with some more information soon…… Bye for now……

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