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The Best Baby Shower Gifts for Indian

A couple of weeks before a mother delivers her baby comes the awesome celebrated occasion that should never be missed: Baby Shower.  The moms-to-be get an opportunity to share a space with her friends, relatives and family where she will get all tips and support for welcoming her new born baby.  Apart from this she is sure to get many gifts on this occasion along with the blessings of elders showered in the family.  If you were to attend a baby shower function, the things that you need to keep in mind and how you can go about selecting “The best baby shower gifts for moms-to-be” are discussed here for you.

Baby showers are a long standing tradition in both western and Indian homes.  The western idea of baby showers goes with a theme, party organizers creating fun in that place and a lot of games which makes the moment memorable.  The Indian way goes with filling the mom’s lap with abundance.  Every community has its own tradition in India but all of them have one thing in common and that is to shower lots of love and affection expressed by each one of them in a sentimental and emotional way by rubbing sandal paste or turmeric paste on the mother’s cheeks by everyone who visits the function.  Moreover, food plays a vital role here.  The selection of the menu is as per the choice of the mom-to-be mostly.

A small party is hosted by the girl’s parents with a little music, dance, mehandi and fun too.  She is made to wear bangles all over her hands and this is done to ensure that the baby hears the sound of his/her mother’s bangles all the while.  This is considered to the music for the baby to play inside the womb or for the mother to ensure that she is there to take care of the baby all the time and so the baby need not worry.

In fact some babies when they sleep for a long while and movements are not to be sensed by a mother; she can shake her bangles to see if the baby moves too.  Doctors generally ask to drink something warm and lie down to check for movements but other than that these bangles also help.

Best gifts for baby showers.

The selection of baby shower gifts to your friends or relatives who are would-be moms is surely a tricky affair.  It can be either what the mom needs or what the baby needs?  The choice is yours.  But we have listed some wonderful and adorable baby shower gift ideas here for you.

For moms

There are innumerable baby shower gifts for moms as well as babies.  We shall see a small one here for moms which helps you to decide better.

1.   Pickles

When a woman starts carrying, from her first trimester onwards; she is crazy about pickles, raw mangoes and also ice creams.  She will not hesitate to run even in the midnight to the kitchen to grab a pickle bottle.  Not only in the first trimester but it continues until child birth for many women.  So, if you can gift them varieties of pickles in a combo basket which is preservative-free, home-made, in an authentic taste and the host is sure to remember you forever.

When you go to meet your friend who is carrying for the first time or your relatives, then also buying pickles for them is an advisable option than any other things.

2.   Sweets and savories

A pregnant woman feels hungry very often unlike us.  Her total metabolic system works differently.  When hungry, eating fruits or vegetables all the time is boring.  Some woman love sweets and some love karam or savories.  Knowing the choice of the recipient you can buy some traditional, home-made, color-less, additive-free, preservative-free sweets or savories.  It is easy nowadays to order them online.  When Regi Vada / Vadiyalu from Sitara Foods is there, why worry?  Don’t you also feel this to be a perfect baby shower gift option?

3.   Varieties of instant powders for cooking

Once she becomes pregnant itself cooking becomes a disinterest, it is true for most of them.  And moreover, once the baby is born, her complete time will be spent along with the little one.  Most of the days needs to be spent with instant noodles and instant powders and masalas sprinkled on rice with some ghee only.  Actually this increases milk secretion too – consumption of pure ghee and instant powders with rice.

You can think of gifting a pack of fresh ghee with nuvvulu karam, kakarakaya karam, karivepaku karam, pudina karam, palli pappula karam, munaga karam etc.  This would serve her all time purpose whether it is for breakfast or lunch or dinner.  It is a perfect baby shower gift for this age moms.

4.   Trendy diaper bags

Mothers, who were young girls all these days, would prefer to carry trendy bags for baby things rather than the baby centric bags with all pink and blue colors and toys or dolls printed on it.  This is another latest choice of baby shower gift for a mom-to-be.

5.   Nursing covers

A mother needs to feed the baby for the first 2 years and a nursing cover would be a wise choice too.  As this job is round the clock, a mother needs comfort while nursing in public and this cover would help a lot during travel times especially.  A mother who believes in breast feeding giving complete health to her child would consider this nursing cover as a special baby shower gift and keep you in mind forever.

6.   Baby sling

A new born requires lots of attention from the mom during her confinement period as well as till she does exclusive feeding.  A baby sling would help her to carry the baby and move around freely to do her daily chores and shopping easily.  A preferable baby shower gift for moms who need to take care of their baby all time and have no helpers nearby is this baby sling.

7.   Breast feeding pump

A life saver for a working mother is this breast feeding pump.  When she has a care taker appointed for her baby too, milk from her is very essential.

8.   Wall decors

Beautifying her room with all that she likes and reminds her of a baby will keep her at peace during the last stages of carrying.  In fact, a little suitable to welcome the child also is a better option.  The room full of baby toys, animals, birds, glow lights etc. is a good choice.  Let it be a bit clumsy.  A mom has to get used to that kind of an atmosphere because she has to live another 5 to 10 years with her kid only like that.  Keeping the home spic and span clean is not an easy task and mostly not possible.

9.   Breast feeding pillows

There are many versatile pillows available which can support her neck while feeding or even to carry the baby around nowadays.  You can try one of those being gifted to your near and dear one as a baby shower gift.

10.   Maternity belt

It decreases back pain both during pregnancy and post partum too.  It is practically a perfect gift for a carrying mom and best baby shower gift.

For baby

There are varieties of baby shower gifts for the baby too like strollers, cradle, baby bath tub, toys, and dress for new born, toilet kit, diaper changing pad, quick dry and many more.

Make the new mama totally happy and special with the baby shower gifts that you give.  It keeps her healthy and joyful throughout the pregnancy period.

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