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Ready For A Love Affair With Turmeric Powder – An Immune Ingredient!

Is there anything that can beat the taste of home-made food? No, right? Can you say ‘No’ when you are served with a delicious podi as a side dish for idly or with a dollop of ghee accompanied with hot steamed rice? Do you miss the touch of Native Indian cuisine? Can you say ‘No’, when your grandmother asks you to have food and then leave? Yep, then you should not miss tasting the best of best Home Made Powder Masalas from Sitara Foods Online Store! To change the way you look at food all you need is a spoon of our Home Made Powder Masalas!

Love for Cooking!

Cooking is a craft! Not just like a DIY Craft…. But don’t you feel it is a true representative of time, place, culture, and heritage! It’s something that needs your touch…. Truly your soul’s touch to represent you or carry forward your legacy to the next generation, isn’t it? For this kind of cooking to be made possible all that I feel you need is the top-class, premium, quality powders and masalas from soulful makers like Sitara Foods! Despite our wider range of Home Made Powder Masalas, the most predominant ones we wish to speak about are our top-notch turmeric powder, baffling bitter gourd Karam podi, ultimately unique Ulava Karam Podi! If you are ready for a love affair with Turmeric Powder – an immune ingredient, go ahead reading to set a date with bitter gourd Karam podi and ulava Karam podi too!

Ready to use our top-notch Turmeric Powder?

Why don’t you set a date with Turmeric Powder every day to keep your immune system on the rise? Where do you think in Indian cooking is turmeric powder not used? From making colored Rotis till curries and gravies and ending up being a medicinal ingredient in milk what else do we need actually? It’s just a prodigy powder!

Why not mix a little bit of Sitara’s phenomenal, baffling bitter gourd Karam podi with your meal plans?

A delicious spice with bitter melon that not only gives a yum taste but also takes care of the pinch of bitterness you have to necessarily add to your diet on an everyday basis! All your requirements are satisfied when you get in touch with the right vendors of home-made, hand-made, hand-ground, preservative-free vendors like Sitara Foods and that too online! Adding a bitter flavor-packed up with healthy nutrients this dry powder can serve as a curry addition too for those health-conscious cooks! Apart from adding a dollop of ghee or a teaspoon of gingelly oil to this bitter gourd Karam podi and tasting it as a side dish for idly, dosa, or mixing it up with steamed rice; another valid suggestion would be to sprinkle a little on your sweet curries or poriyals like beetroot or carrot cooked at home for lunch. The taste of this bitter gourd Karam podi would be more appreciable as the preparation process is carried on like how your grandmom makes it with fistfuls and handfuls rather than cups, grams, tablespoons, or teaspoons measurements! A vegetarian food lover’s pleasure is to taste varieties and that is guaranteed when you order online from us!

Don’t miss or forget to pick up our ultimate Ulava Karam Podi!

Can you miss a magical legume like our Ulava Karam Podi to not occupy your kitchen shelves or decorate your dining tables and just melt in your mouth like the best side dish after the main course is served on your plates?  Being a staple food of South India it has never failed to ornate the meals at a wedding or party in Andhra Pradesh.  The qualities that this podi carries are so awesome that no one will miss it too…

“It is health that is wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” – Mahatma Gandhi

Going with this saying we at Sitara stick to the strict norms that your health is our concern and provide you with homemade food always.  You are special guests at our home when you place an order with us!  We ensure that you are satisfied utmost!

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