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6 quick ways to cook an easy meal. Curry in a Hurry from SITARA FOODS

Willing to know the 6 quick ways to cook an easy meal from Sitara?

We want to stay healthy but still not compromise much on the taste also, isn’t it?  We really understand how painstaking is the process of waking up every day early in the morning to make breakfast and also pack lunch for your family members.  We also have the responsibility to take care that it is not boring.  Even though food delivery at doorstep has become common, it is not so healthy and hygienic too.  Keeping all this in mind, are you willing to know the 6 quick ways to cook an easy meal from Sitara?

We started as a pickle store to give a feast to your taste buds and have now evolved into introducing many traditional and conventional products in the last 33 years.  We at Sitara help you to create a fast, healthy, delicious, palatable and nutritious meal for your family in 3 simple steps:

·     Cook some rice of your choice like steamed rice, basmati rice, red boiled rice or raw rice.

·     Spread some Home Made Pure Cow Ghee on it when it is hot.

·     Mix any of our achars mentioned below like karivepagu pickle, mango pickle, gongura pickle, coriander pickle, tomato pickle or pulihora paste and spread it out evenly on all parts of rice.

That’s it!  How effortlessly you can prepare this rice?  It’s best served with vadiyalus and fryums. An ideal option for a faster meal in busy or tired mornings can never be better than this I feel.  Hope you too agree with me!

1.  Curry Leaves Rice / Karivepaku Rice / KadipattaRice / Karibevu Rice

A 10000 year old traditional food ingredient is curry leaves.  Greens always have a welcoming effect in our kitchen as a part of all the dishes cooked.  But, if you can make an exquisite dish with only greens or curry leaves, Wow! Awesome na!  This is what you get out of the curry leaves pickle / Karivepaku pachadi we sell online.  In addition to this our  pickle is home-made additive free and preservative free, and all our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and cooked with experts who have hands on experience in the making of these Great Andhra special recipes.  Hence, you can trust us and it suits people of all age groups from kids to elders at home.

A best medicinal herb that does magical wonders in helping out for weight loss and gives a healthy hair.  They are the oldest, aromatic leaves which have a striking taste and helps in maintaining cholesterol levels.  It has a distinct flavor and a rich source of iron and calcium for pregnant women.  It also relieves them from morning sickness and nausea plus very good for eyesight.

2.  Mango Rice

Mangoes are all time favorite for every single soul anywhere in this world and needless to ask about the Indians. The normal Indian food in all varieties like vegetarian and non-vegetarian seems to be less exciting when compared to this raw mango pickle based rice. It is the best when compared with chicken curry, fried rice, sambar rice, moong dhal curry, palak paneer or all the other yummy dishes. It is a special, great Andhra delight for sure.

Raw mangoes are highly rich in vitamin C and strongly recommended to keep your immune levels high.  It is an energy booster which treats scurvy and promotes health of heart, liver and intestine in both men and women.  It relieves constipation and offers perfect dental care.  You can get an improved oral health by consuming such fast cooking foods.  An added advantage, ain’t it?

3.  Gongura Rice

Hot, spicy and tangy Pickle of Andhra Pradesh made out of red sorrel leaves and taste the best and yummy when served with hot rice and ghee is the Gongura Pickle.  A finger-licking dish which comes handy for all your busy, tired, fed-up or no mood days as a life saver is this gongura rice.  Your real savior! It is a “thank me” recipe and we know it because it is free from preservatives and has a strong flavor for your tongues to come back for more.

A perennial herb that has a chock-full of nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron and sodium are these red sorrel leaves.  They are rich in flavonoids and detoxify your body.  It lowers blood pressure and strengthens bones.  So, best suited for kids and they are sure to love the taste of it with rice.

4.  Cilantro rice / Kothimeera rice

The evergreen herb that robs the hearts of many for its aroma and is used in almost all the south Indian dishes excluding very few is this coriander or kothimeera.  But when you eat a complete dish made using it, you are sure to experience heavenly taste.

Popularly known as Cilantro, Kothimeera or Chinese parsley is said to be a cleanser for your tummy.  Any unhealthy mixtures in your blood are removed with this miraculous herb given to us by nature.  We can otherwise call it nature’s gift to humans too.  A best herb to reduce menstrual cramps in women and anti-ageing product is this kothimeera / Cilantro leaves pickle when eater with ghee and rice.

5.  Tomato Rice

The regular tomato rice that we make at home is not always easy to make.  Say, when you are back from a long trip and don’t have necessary ingredients to cook anything at home or if you are a bachelor living away from your family for career purposes in any of the busy cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai or Delhi and need a change from your regular PG food or hotel food, then you can make use of this tomato pickle if you have ordered online and stored it in your shelves.  They have a longer shelf life.

Tomatoes prevent heart diseases, help in blood sugar balance, a source of vitamin C, prevents cancer and supports women who are suffering from osteoporosis.

6.  Tamarind Rice / Pulihora rice / puliyogare rice from Pulihora Paste

A temple special dish which makes you to stand in the queue for one more cup!  Undoubtedly the most preferred variety among all other heavy elaborate lunches that are served.  A puliyogare with some chips is the best a travel companion in a train, bus or car with all your friends or family members.  Every one of us would have experienced this feeling when we go for short trips.

Tamarind is believed to contain good amounts of magnesium which is very important for over 600 functions in the body.  It is commonly added in Indian sambar’s daily but still the yummy taste when we have it as puliyogare is incomparable.  They have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects because of a compound called lupeol present in it.

All these chemical-free, home-made products are readily available online at Sitara Foods and Pickles.  You can very well buy them and keep a stock in your kitchen cupboards which will be your life rescuer or protector at many times.

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