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Want to Buy and try a Garma Garam Green Chilli Pickle also called Pachimirapakaya Pachadi online?

Are you a person who has a special love for Andhra style food or any kind of spicy food?  If “YES”, Welcome friends! You have landed in the right place where you can buy Green Chilli Pickle online.  We at Sitara have brought a perfect pickling adventure inside a packed Green Chilli Achar for any spice wacky family to taste and enjoy.  Lovers of spices are all welcome to this place where you can purchase and feast upon something sizzling and green-hot (rather than the usual red-hot….)!  Pickles are hot and spicy and when you make it out of the hottest ingredient such as green chilli, there is no need to explain the eagerness of spice adorers.  Hope you agree with this! There is another variant of this for customers who prefer Jain Food / Brahmin Pickles with out Garlic which is Green Chilli Pickle without Garlic

Major ingredients and benefits:Green Chilli being the major ingredient of this pickle, it is exclusively selected and used so that it adds the perfect proportion of spices to the pickle along with tamarind, asafoetida and turmeric powder.  Whether you are a spice crazy person or a health conscious person or a craver of Andhra style food from any restaurant you see, you can buy and consume this Green Chilli Pickle for all the benefits listed below:

  • It’s rich in dietary fibre
  • It’s rich in vitamin A, B6 and C
  • Keeps your skin healthy and glowing
  • Aids digestion by having a control over your digestive enzymes and making them function properly
  • Rich in Capsaicin which helps weight loss as this substance curbs you from over eating by taming your appetite.

This fiery Green Chilli pickle with the pungent taste of mustard would serve best with any bland parathas, theplas, naan or butter naan, methi rice and what not for people who want spice to fill their meal? And moreover, the same kind of pickles like tomato pickle, lemon pickle or mango pickle makes us bored and we end up searching for varieties.This is one which has a different nose feasting aroma, tongue feasting taste, eye feasting colour, texture and appearance which will make us feel – “Yes, It’s really different”!

Rather than toiling at home to achieve the right mixture of green chillies and tamarind to prepare a pickle, it’s quite easier to buy Sitara Green Chilli Pickle online which is perfectly equal to home-made taste.Moreover, the chillies are neither split nor cut, they are grinded in this achar made by us and it thus gives an exclusively different taste. Pachai mirapakaya is also believed to cure Alzheimer’s disease.This is mainly caused by ageing and you can slow down that process with adequate and appropriate proportions of green chillies added to your diet. Green Chilli is scientifically proven to increase responsiveness of brain.

We at Sitara have spent time and effort in picking the proper chillies to suit the specific needs of pickle likers. Our pickles are always made with a difference unlike the other ones in the market.If you are living in a colder place like Bangalore, Hyderabad or Pune then this adds the hotness to your meal and tongue with it’s green hot spiciness.The major cities we serve are Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune are Chennai, Kolkatta, Kochi, Delhi, Mumbai and pan India.Order your spicy fiery green chilli pickle and taste it to tell us how you feel!We are always available online expecting to serve you, when you place the order!

When spice lovers need to control their intake, their spicy food choice needs to be tasty so that it satisfies them.Hence they don’t feel like taking more.Easily Target achieved! Isn’t it friends?The colour and smell of our pickle itself would be a treat to you even before you start eating it.You are sure to say a “Sabash! This is the best pickle!”Just wait to hear it for yourself.

All ingredients used are sourced from local farmers and employ local women with decades of pickle making experience, thus helping farmers and rural household women. We can say with all our heart that Sitara Green Chilli pickle is premium quality home made tasty pickle with all natural ingredients. People from colder countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and Netherlands are at love with Green Chilli pickle as it provide the hot spiciness for their meal. We take orders from all over the world and ship regularly to any part of the world.

The food that we eat contributes to almost three-fourth of our soul’s happiness.Hope there is no doubt about this statement?If we keep our body health and fit, then we can consume all types of food and relish in its taste.This leads to ultimate happiness.This is what all of us aim at!So, order Sitara Green chilli achar or pachai mirapakaya pickle by hitting “Add to Cart” immediately to experience that supreme delightful taste!

Green Chilli Pickle, Hot Steaming White Rice, Ghee is a killer combination for a quick tasty meal… Mouth Watering …. Prepared with Love and Care from SITARA FOODS

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