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Yummy science of Powder Masalas! Enter the world of taste!

Science of taste:

Modern science describes five basic types of taste- sweet, sour, bitter, salt, and umami.  Umami is the meaty flavor that is so loved by all.  So what is so interesting about these details? After all, our ancient texts describe six flavours which are more than what science accepts. One interesting detail that modern science tells us is that we humans developed these tastes and a liking for them to help us to choose the right foods. For example, we tend to prefer sweet food because it tells our body that the food contains glucose which every inch of our body needs. We like to eat salty food to balance our body chemicals. We usually do not eat large quantities of bitter foods, because bitterness means that the food contains alkaloids. Few alkaloids have enormous health benefits, but many other bitter substances are poisonous.

In today’s modern world that is buzzing with activity and technology, we don’t depend on our taste to decide whether our food is safe to eat. We rather use our knowledge and reason, while the decider is, of course, the taste!!! Wondering how to use it best? Read on…

Kakarakaya karam podi

The bitter gourd contains substances that help diabetics.  It is good for the liver, cleanses toxins from the body, helps build immunity, and helps in maintaining clear skin. It has anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties.  Bitter gourd can help cure digestive disorders. Isn’t this a truly wonderful vegetable?

So how do we convince our loved ones and kids to eat this vegetable that will help them? Only if we can make sure the taste is truly good. The simple solution is to order home delivery of Sitara’s Kakarakaya Karam podi which is delivered across India for free and abroad inclusive of packing charges.  This is just nutrients intact and prepared to taste perfect!  You will be pleasantly surprised – healthy food has never been so lip-smacking good!!!

Royyala Karam Podi

There is no flavor to match the taste of umami. Umami signals that the food is protein-rich and the taste is most appetizing. The Royyala karam podi is one good source of safe and pure umami flavor and will be a sure hit with the entire family. Even when the stock of non-vegetarian food is not available, even when you are a hosteller yearning for a taste of sea-food, Sitara foods delivers this premium quality Royyala Karam podi right at your doorstep at the click of a mouse button. To a sea-food lover, this podi is the King of podis. It is absolutely yummy, full of nutrition, and is in great demand from friends and family.

Garam Masala powder

If you are looking for science’s missing flavors of spice, then worry no more. Here is the exquisite blend of Sitara’s Garam masala powder to add the grand final touch to all your curries, kurma’s and other side dishes. Simply and enchantingly flavoured, this masala also stores the health benefits of pepper, cumin, cinnamon, clove and more.

Choose Sitara for a taste! Tuck into the taste of goodness! Don’t miss these instant offerings from the brand that has transformed the science of food into art!

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