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Try Our Healthy Vadiyalu – Best with Traditional Indian Foods

Food all over the world emits its true exquisite taste with a perfect side dish. Side dishes range from fried meat, baked vegetables, vegetable mash, garlic bread, and more. Here in India, we find something unique, spectacular, colourful and scrumptious wide range of side dishes from pickles, chutneys to all-favourite poppadom.Poppadom is derived from the word “parpata’ in Sanskrit. Widely known as “papad” or “crispy flatbread” and “vadiyalu” in Telugu, these are sun-dried crisp Indian bread made from flours such as lentils, chickpea, rice, etc. Poppadom or fryums have fewer calories and are eaten with rice, curries and Indian bread (roti). It is an accompaniment to many Asian cuisines served for generations in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They are often topped with chopped onions, chutneys, dips, and more if one wants a delicious evening or tea snack.Coming to fryums from South India, Andhra Pradesh is well-known for its numerous, colourful and unique vadiyalu. They are traditionally prepared, sun-dried, crispy, crunchy, flavourful, and extremely tasty poppadom prepared in almost every household. In this blog, we have curated the top 3 Vadiyalu that you must-try. It makes your traditional Indian food complete. You can experience the true Southerners’ taste buds when you eat like them i.e. rice, Indian bread (roti) with various veg and non-veg curries along with pickles and vadiyalu as side dishes.If you are looking for lip-smacking Andhra Pickles (Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian), read What Better Companion than Andhra Pickles for Your Food? Buy Traditional Andhra Pickles Online. You can go through our list of top pickles and buy them whenever you like.  Remember Andhra pickles and vadiyalu gives you the best traditional food experience. Here are a few well-known and Andhra’s favourite poppadoms.

Top 3 Must-Try Andhra Vadiyalu & Fryums

Regi Vadiyalu

Regi vadiyalu also known as “Elantha Vadai” and “Indian Jujube Fritters” are the top favourites of all southerners. Why? Because it isn’t just eaten with food, it is also preferred as snacks and especially loved by children as a delicious tiffin snack. Even expecting women loves them since the taste pampers their food cravings.Regi Vadiyalu is a sweet and sour snack, made with Indian jujube. These are eaten with plain rice and Indian lentil soup (pappu) along with any favourite pickle. Basically, it is excellent as a snack and makes an ideal companion to any simple food.

Gummadikaya Vadiyalu

Gummadikaya vadiyalu also known as “Ash Gourd Vadiyalu” which are light as air and crunchy fryums. These are sun-dried and deep fried that tastes great with rasam, sambar, and etc. If you have something plain prepared, you can either add fried vegetables or simply add gummadikaya vadiyalu. It will save you time and also, make your lunch delicious. Get your own gummadikaya vadiyalu online here!

Minapa Vadiyalu

Minapa vadiyalu also known as “Abhiruchi” or “Urad Dal Badi” is a deep fried vadiyalu served with rice and ghee. These are made from urad daal (split black gram) and especially made during the summers. They are an amazing sun dried saviour loved by all ages in south India.Like our hand-picked fryums? At Sitara Foods, we prepare the best poppadoms which are healthy and tasty. These vadiyalu gives you nostalgic feelings since the traditional recipe has the typical Andhra taste and look – they’re absolutely delicious! Buy healthy and delicious vadiyalu from us – Share this article with your friends and family!

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