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Willing to feel at home even when you live abroad by tasting traditional food always? Especially Pulihora Paste?

When you move abroad and start over your career or family in a new country, it’s definitely one of the appalling yet thrilling experiences ever. But the fact that life will keep changing needs to be admitted and accepted too.  So you are sure to keep going!  But the most essential aspect you would miss is your old home and the food you tasted there!  Hope you agree to this since “Home is where your heart is”!

Even when you stay abroad, you can feel at home with the same taste of food that touches your tongue and gives a tantalizing effect, isn’t it?  Wherever you live in, be it UK, Norway, Germany, US, Canada, Spain, Sweden and Australia you can make the world just small like a globe on your table with just one click nowadays.  Online ordering does all the magic for you!

The sole FMCG Manufacturer you can trust for your tummy!

There is no such word as home sick hereafter!  The love can be shared as from your grandmother’s jars to your plate even now.  If there is one place where you can trust food that you eat to be home-made, hand-made, with no colors, preservatives or artificial flavors and additives yet at the same time winning the hearts of every Indian or person of Indian origin living abroad as NRI’s, then it is undoubtedly SITARA FOODS only.

It’s only because they use stone grounded guntur red chilli powder, coriander powders and turmeric powders in the making of their products.  They also mill their own oil for few products and all their raw materials are sourced from the local farmers by giving better than market prices.  Quality, Taste and Customer support is never a compromise at Sitara Foods!

How to prepare tamarind rice with Sitara Foods Instant Pulihora Paste Mix / Puliyodharai / Puliyogare / Pulikachal mix ?

The recipe is so simple but the proportions of mixing the ingredients matter a lot!  To have a flavor explosive experience of eating the best pulihora pulusu, you should order from Sitara foods.  Yet, we give you the simple making process here.

  • Tamarind paste needs to be extracted as a first step.
  • Splutter some mustard seeds and groundnuts along with curry leaves in gingelly oil.
  • Now add chili powder, turmeric powder and other masalas along with the tamarind paste and wait till it becomes a thick paste.

This is the easiest way to make your favorite food variety rice.

How to use Pulihora Paste?

Having known how to make pulihora paste, now you can see some innovative ideas to use Pulihora pulusu or the well-known Chinta Pandu Pulihora Paste.

  • Mixing it with some ghee/gingelly oil and plain rice is the regular form which every one of us is aware of.
  • You can use it as a side dish for idli, dosa, chapathi, parathas or even as a pickle when you are a tamarind lover or when you have a special liking for sour taste.
  • You can use it as a dip for the French fries, fritters or chips when served as snacks to your guests.
  • A side dish that is suitable for kuli paniyaram and also bread toasted with some ghee is this pulihora pulusu made in perfect Andhra Style.
  • It is a home-made replacement for sauce too and no other branded sauces can beat this taste!  Wherever you use sauce, can be replaced with this pulihora paste.  Even in your pasta and noodles to give a twisty, sour taste to it!

Love eating and do it your way!  Just keep innovating and even write to us about your lovely experiences!

Why buy pulihora paste during winter?

One winter food that you can’t miss is pulihora!  Especially for the weather in Montana, Illinois, New York, Michigan, Nebraska and Colorado, this sourness in food added helps in easy digestion.  When you spread it on your burger, pizza or breads, they just melt in your mouth and keep your body warm as well.  Order online from Sitara Foods and get them delivered at your doorstep.  It’s worth more than the shipping costs incurred!

Where to buy best pulihora paste?

Even if you know including pulihora paste in your daily diet in small pinches keeps you healthy, how and where can you buy the best, quality and tasty pulihora pulusu is a big question in your mind now when you live abroad in places like Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, France, Spain, Sweden and Russia.  Just don’t have a second thought to order ideally home-made and hand-made pulihora paste from Sitara Foods and that keeps us outstanding among other manufacturers!

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