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What is Chicken Pickle ?, How it is made ? Where to buy it online in Bangalore ?

If there is a single most thing that has the ability to lift mediocre food on your plate, the answer would be a pickle, hands down! Whether it is a bland meal or a recipe experiment from recently married wife or a vegetable that you are not a fan of, an achar always comes to your rescue!

If you thought to fall into a pickle was problematic, you have not tried the Homemade Chicken Pickle by Sitara Pickles. It would be difficult to stop eating it once the flavor hits your taste buds. You will experience, in every bite, the taste of the authentic spice in which the succulent chicken pieces are marinated. Sitara foods offer a wide range of vegetarian and non vegetarian pickles online that you can choose from their website and we will deliver this delicacy at your doorstep.

Among the many non-vegetarian pickles that Sitara Pickles offer, the Chicken Pickle seems to be a very popular choice among youngsters. This may be owing to the fact that Bangalore is home to a large student population, who do not really have time to cook between assignments and classes. Bangalore attracts a lot of students, who come to study but stay back to work due to the pleasant climate that the city offers. Additionally, Bangalore offers a variety of culinary options to choose from, since it is a melting pot of cultures. Bangalore also being the silicon valley of India with around 600000 IT employees mostly with busy work schedule, chicken pickle is a favorite quick meal choice among the millennials.  So, from the busy working professionals & students to lazy couch potatoes of Bangalore we got everyone covered as you don’t have to make a trip to store to buy Sitara Andhra Chicken Pickle, it can be ordered online and will be delivered to your doorstep.

For those who miss the home-cooked meal, the Chicken achar from Sitara foods becomes a means of nostalgia. This magic jar of Chicken Pickle becomes the savior when hunger comes calling, whether you are a student from Bangalore cramming for tests or even for working professionals, who have a lot on their plate.

The Chicken Pickle is available as boneless as well as with bones. The Gongura Chicken pickle variant is also available. Gongura is a kind of leaves that are rich in iron. These leaves are often used in the Andhra cuisine in various forms.

Therefore, the pickle has double the nutrition of the iron in the Gongura leaves and protein from the chicken. Double whammy, we would say for Gongura Chicken Pickle.

The Chicken achar is a great accompaniment with chapati, rice and even idli and dosa. In other words, you can use it to spice up any dish.The Chicken pickle is prepared by the rural household grannies & women at Sitara Pickles. So, rest assured, the spoonful of pickle that you put in your mouth is totally authentic and delicious. What’s more, the pickle is free of preservatives, so you can consume it without any worry.

And did you ask what makes it so special?Well, all the carefully selected ingredients add to the distinct flavor of the pickle with no preservatives. Along with the regular spices, we add a hint of poppy seeds for that fruitiness, fenugreek & turmeric powder for preservation, cinnamon for that heat and star anise to balance the heat.

We believe the most important factor is the love with which it is prepared. Though a cliché, it is true that whatever we do with our heart in place, the outcome is always special.Additionally, it can be used for a longer period by storing it in the refrigerator and we advice not to use wet spoon to serve the pickle as it can get moisture in to the chicken pickle and drastically reduce it’s shelf life.

So how do shop for chicken pickle online?Now that you know how delightful the chicken pickle is, you can simply place an order online on the website. The delivery of the product depends completely on your location and we endeavor to deliver to you as soon as possible. Payment is easy and hassle-free as it can be done online.

Make every meal a culinary delight with Sitara Chicken Pickle.

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