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10 Best Ever Gifts that you can give your partner Especially when he lives far from you

Even though you know your partner as much as your name, you have lots of struggle in thinking to come up with one best gift for him, isn’t it?  ‘He’ is your hero or ‘She’ is your heroine and how much ever you impress each other, you have to work more to impress more.  You both will compete to spoil each other with the perfect present on your birthdays, anniversaries, the first meeting day, the first fight day and the list goes on.  It is never ending!

First of all, understand that gifts have nothing to do with the price tag.  They speak the language of love.  They demonstrate your attention towards them and your understanding about them.  Though there are monetary ways to give gifts to them there are also expressions that make them feel more loved scores the highest number of points for you in their heart.  But how are you going to express?

·       It can be through warm words of appreciation and a little pampering when they really need it after all the hard chores whether it is the duty of a father or mother.   Both are equally wholesome hardships involved.

·      Your time given without any distractions or using the gadgets like mobile phone or television watching etc, along with a little nurturing of your conversations with talks on positive memories will give more pleasure.

·      A kind of service like making dinner to taking care of kids education or house hold chores, paying bills which actually makes him or her understand what is actually going on in their life and a feeling to help them.

·      Speak the love language or your sign language with more physical contact to emphasize your love.

Amidst all this when you have to do some service to your partner, cooking becomes the major work at home which is very much  needed to be done but still it is a boring chore for both of them.  After you have kids, then bothering about their health also becomes a major worry.

Fun filled gifts as well as heart throbbing ones are always suggested like.

1.   A phone docking station

You can symbolically set aside a place for both of your mobile phones whenever you spend time together.  You both will be happy when you look at it because you both need not go about asking each other in the morning – where is my wallet or my watch or my car keys or my mobile phone and its charger too.  This in fact solves most of your problems, right?

2.   A framed photograph

A framed photograph which captures the happiest moment between you both at any point of time in your life can be a more personal gift between you both.

3.   An Album

You can collect all his/her photos from childhood days and assemble it into an album so that it reminds the best times ever and demonstrates to yourself about your growth both physically and mentally.

4.   Peculiar interests

Each one of us has a different passion and peculiar interests in our life on certain things.  But a person who is just known to us like the back of our hand is our partner.  If he supports and encourages our passion, we can reach great heights of happiness which no one else would do.  If one of your passions is art or painting, a kit related to that which your partner was hesitating to buy all these days would be a good suggestion.

5.   Cooking essentials

A home is never complete without three meals a day.  That can be made easy by splitting the work between you two.  But whoever does it, some products make it easier.  Ready-made products that are available to make your cooking easy like sambar powder, rasam powder, curry powder, garam masala powder, Nellore Fish Masala Powder, red chili powder, turmeric and other cooking essentials.  But this needs to be given in a presentable basket with your loving message to make them feel so much important to you.

When love is shown people tend to forget about what is being gifted also but they keep only your love in their minds.

6.   Palatable dishes in varietal forms

The palatable dishes for each one is different.  But when your wife is carrying, her only craving must be pickles, for which she will even go on a midnight run.  So, if you give a basket full of pickles in various varieties in both vegetarian – Drumstick pickle, Broad beans pickle, Avakai pickle, Tomato Pickle, Mango Thokku etc and non-vegetarian form like prawn pickle, chicken pickle, Fish Pickle, mutton pickle, green chili pickle, red chili pickle etc.

Are you astonished by the varieties listed?  Don’t be so soon.  There is still more to surprise you from Sitara.

7.   Exotic fruits

The exotic is always portrayed splendid and magnificent in front of any other normal and usual things.  There are easy ways to get these things nowadays through online.  You can order from home and relax.  The different varieties like manila tamarind, golden goose berries, ice apple or palm fruit, jamun fruits, jujube fruits, star gooseberry etc.

8.   Reminding mom or grand mom

When you are feeling happy, it means you are in the best part of your life and that is childhood days.  When we are children every one of us would have enjoyed what our mom cooks and how our grandparents shower love on us.  When some incident like a game which we played in our childhood or the food that we have tasted and is nostalgically stable and steady haunting our mind, when we meet our old friends, then we are just grateful for that moment isn’t it?  If we can give this kind of a moment to our partner by cooking or ordering the best ever food like a pickle that was his or her love always, how nice would it be.  Just give it a thought.

9.   Personalized messages with your gift

Anything that includes a personal touch impresses your partner.  Do it and see how it works more than we explaining it to you.

10.  Sweets and savories

On a festival day, gifts which are needed for the family and at the same time your partner’s favorite would make sense and ends cheap for your budget.

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