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Quenching the thirst of South India Pickles lovers with Taste & Tradition

Sitara vegetarian pickles are very popular among the populace of Bangalore. Since vegetable pickles can be made with innumerable options when compared to non veg pickles , at sitara these options are taken down with the results coming out in flying colours, form the taste to the aroma and every other aspect of veg pickle, sitara foods have been successfully bringing out vegetarian pickles for all ages and ethnics. The variety of pickles available at sitara in the veg section are very varied and ranges from different types of mango pickles in all variants such as Avakai, Bellam Avakaya, menthavakai pickle, lemon pickle, Gongura Pickle, Ginger Pickle, Usirikaya / Amla / Gooseberry Pickle, Green Chilli pickle, mixed vegetables , bitter gourd and the list is endless.  

These vegetables are chosen and only the best make it into the pickles. They are marinated using salt and other spices based on type of pickle to the best effects making the dish irresistibly yummy. Although most of pickles produced are South Indian Pickles, they also do few North Indian pickle varieties.

By venturing into an area like pickle making, sitara foods are challenging all norms of the traditional way of food making put forward by their contemporaries , but they are fully equipped and need not worry about the results as is evident from the quality of the final, finished product.

Yes, the options are wide open in the case of vegetarian pickles and at sitara pickles proper measures have been taken to ensure that the product does not lose its credibility. This is done by ensuring the quality of the staff and vegetables used for the same.

Sitara veg pickles are gaining popularity like wildfire and it is not going to be extinguished soon.

At Sitara pickles, traditional veg pickle recipe is taken and implemented with good results thus making the people of Andhra able to quench their veg pickle demands. The best part is Sitara vegetarian pickles are available to buy online.Choose wisely , so choose Sitara pickles to meet your veg pickle requirements.

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