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Munagaku karam podi / Drumstick / Moringa Leaves Powder

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Why refuse such a home-made delicious, yummy, tasty medicine moringa leaves powder from Sitara?  Order online to get this tasty medicine and make it a part of your every day meal.

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Why refuse such a home-made delicious, yummy, tasty medicine moringa leaves powder from Sitara?  Order online to get this tasty medicine and make it a part of your every day meal.


Munaga Karam / Moringa Podi / Murunga Keerai Podi / Drumstick Leaves Powder

         A divine spice mix with earthy flavors which relishes your tongue is this Munaga Karam / murunga keerai podi / Drumstick Leaves Podi Powder.  Tender drumstick leaves are selected carefully at Sitara to make this podi to give the best taste ever.  Drumstick trees / munagakaya trees / murungai maram is one of the most common tree grown in the backyard of every family in South India.  Despite the ‘N’ number of uses for the leaves of these trees like adding it to dhal, making a sambar out of it, doing a poriyal, making a soup or tea, adding it with thepla / paratha / adai / pesarattu, making koftas out of it, making thogayal with some urad dal, the most effective way of using it is through a podi / powder form.  Moringa powder is believed to have the richest source of beta carotene than any other green leafy vegetable and is also known as the ‘Queen of all greens’.

         Even before the older saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, there was a saying about moringa.  Do you know what it is?  “If you have a moringa tree in your backyard, it is like having a doctor at home.”  It is very true.  Only those who have a moringa tree know this fact.  Including it in powder form daily in your food is the best way to supply your body with necessary protein and iron.  Try it out with very less efforts from your side by just making an order online from Sitara for a fresh pack of Moringa podi in a readily consumable form.  Use it and see how fresh and healthy you feel for doing your day-to-day activites.

You can also buy our other varients like Pulihora Paste, Ulavacharu Paste and Buffalo Ghee. If you are a liker of traditional home made Andhra Style Veg & Non Veg Pickles like Avakai Cut Mango Pickle, Brinjal Pickle, Gongura Mutton Pickle and other powders masalas like Red Chilli Powder,  Karam Podi, Andhra Style Curry Powder and also Home Made Andhra Style Sweets like Gorumitilu, Orange Mithai and Kakinada Gottam Khaja you can visit Sitara Foods online store.

Benefits of Moringa :

         Moringa leaves or Munagakaya leaves has a power house of benefits.  This munaga keerai podi is a home-made remedial medicine for many diseases.  What uses to tell and what to leave dude?  But still, I have listed a few for you below:

·      There was a study conducted among women and found that 1.5 teaspoons that is, 7 grams of moringa leaf powder every day for 3 months increased their blood oxidant levels to a notable extent.

·      It helps in lowering blood sugar levels and is also nutrient rich with vitamin A, C, B6, protein, magnesium etc.

·      Reduces inflammation in the body due to any infection or injury.  When you have continuous cough or cold, the best remedy is to eat this munaga karam podi with hot steamed rice and ghee.  You can work magic and wonders with this simple podi that you purchase online from Sitara in a click away from you now!

·      It also lowers cholesterol and reduces your body from arsenic toxicity, which is a major problem in many parts of the world caused due to food and water contamination.

·      It is a medicinal herb that was used to cure more than 300 diseases by ayurveda.

·      Believed to increase milk secretion for feeding mother’s due to its high fiber content.

         Why refuse such a home-made delicious, yummy, tasty medicine moringa leaves powder from Sitara?  Order online to get this tasty medicine and make it a part of your every day meal.

         Just for your information, the Nationals Institure of health (NIH) of USA announced Drumstick – Molinga Oleifera as the “PLANT OF THE YEAR” in 2008.  Moringa possesses around 90 powerful nutrients and more are yet to be identified by scientists.  Except the roots almost all other parts of Moringa tree like seeds, pods, leaves, fruits and oil is used for thousands of years by our ancestors.  All these elements of moringa are natural energy boosters and not based on sugar.

         A simple fun fact table is for you to know more on moringa leaves power.

Number of Times

Source of Energy

As In This Food Item

2 times



7 times

Vitamin C


4 times


Cow’s milk

4 times

Vitamin A


3 times



2 times



         Didn’t you find it interesting to know that you need not take yogurt to supply the necessary protein or carrots to supply the necessary vitamin A for your body?  Instead moringa leaves in powder form gives you even more benefits easily along with your daily breakfast or lunch.  Buy online from Sitara the Munaga Karam / Moringa Leaves Podi and get all sources of energy from one form or food.

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