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A blend of spice that decorates the Indian Cuisine is the South Indian Sambar Powder.  No meal is complete without Sambar amidst Indian Food Varieties and it is possible only with sambar powder.

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A blend of spice that decorates the Indian Cuisine is the South Indian Sambar Powder.  No meal is complete without Sambar amidst Indian Food Varieties and it is possible only with sambar powder.


Home Made Sambar Powder (Stone Grounded for Best Taste & Flavour)


  • Fresh Premium Quality Ingredients Used
  • Home Made & Hand Made with atmost care & love
  • No Preservatives or Added Colors
  • Fresh Locally Sourced Ingredients from farmers around
  • Providing employment to rural women, hence providing rural women empowerment
  • Can Buy Online and get delivered to your doorstep with Free Shipping any where in India.


A blend of spice that decorates the Indian Cuisine is the South Indian Sambar Powder.  No meal is complete without Sambar amidst Indian Food Varieties and it is possible only with sambar powder.  A sambar powder when prepared with home-made taste can add more inclination towards following traditional methods of cooking at home, isn’t it?

Sambar means?  

         Sambar is the life of many Indians.  They can’t eat any food without it like idly, dosa, rice, vada or even bread at times dudes.  A flavorful South Indian Style granulated spices powder is called Sambar Powder which is the main ingredient of sambar.  This is prepared using different types of spices in various parts of South Indian region like in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana etc.  The one which we sell at Sitara is an Andhra Style Spice Powder that is the soul which gives the extra ordinary taste to the Pappu Chaaru.  Order online for the ideal pappu chaaru powder to please your entire family irrespective of age groups with your special sambar prepared.

         Even a subtle shift in the combinations of the spices used for sambar podi makes it entirely different.  Please note that not only this small shift but also the order in which you add ingredients matters here as it is more magical when it comes to Indian Spices.

How to use Home Made Sambar Powder?

         This sambar podi need not necessarily be used for preparation of sambar alone.  There is ‘N’ Number of other uses for the same.

·      It can be used for preparing curries using vegetables like potato, brinjal, carrot, beans, cauliflower, lady’s finger etc.  It is very easy to prepare curries using these veggies.  All you need to know is cut these veggies and keep them ready along with some chopped garlic, onion and tomatoes.  Purchase online for a fresh pack of Sitara Home -made sambar powder.  Saute these chopped items in oil one by one and add the cut vegetables along with sambar powder and salt.  Allow it to cook and become soft in simmer.  You yummy side dishes for chapathi or roti or rice are ready.

·      When you are running short of rasam powder / podi, you can add ½ teaspoon of sambar powder to the tamarind paste and mashed tomatoes along with pepper and cumin powder.  This gives a differently tasting rasam.  It will surely be a surprise for your home members.  Give it a try.

·      The regular broth made using vegetables, cooked lentils, tamarind pulp and sambar powder.

·      Did you know that sambar can be prepared without lentils also?  Yes, you just can cook the red pumpkin with skin softly and allow it to cool.  Now, grind it into a paste and add it instead of lentils with your preferred vegetables, sambar powder and tamarind extract at the end.  This kind of sambar also has a sweet taste.  You will want more once you taste it!

·      A little puffed rice sprinkled with onion, coriander and carrot grated or chopped with little spicy sambar powder on top of it is a perfect Indian style bhel puri.

·      Have you tried using sambar powder to make tomato rice?  Wow! It is the yummiest dish you must have ever tasted.  Easy to make!  Just sauté little garlic, onion and grinded tomatoes or puree in little oil added to a pressure pan.  Now add the sambar powder according to the required quantity of spice needed for your family.  Then, add rice and sauté well after which you need to pour required quantity of water and add salt.  Close the pressure pan and cook it for 5 minutes in simmer after 1 whistle.  The hot tomato rice is ready to be served.

This list will go on and on.  Just be creative in your own ways of using it and feel free to share with us.  Purchase online from Sitara by adding to cart immediately.

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Why Sambar Powder?

·      Piping hot sambar is a yummy dish as well as a remedy to various illnesses and ailments.

·      It prevents colon cancer because of the spices included in it is claimed by medical experts nowadays.

·      It counter acts formation of tumors.

·      It helps you for a better bowel movement.

·      It enables good digestion because of all the components in it try to do the same like turmeric powder, chilies, coriander, cumin, pepper, curry leaves etc.

·      It prevents constipation as it is rich in fiber content because of the vegetables included in it.

Buy home -made sambar powder from Sitara and get all these benefits wherever you are like in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Kochi, Pune, New Delhi or Mumbai through our door delivery.

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