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Be ingenious in your thoughts and try your own uses for this yummy, luscious snack and do let us know how it is.  We would be waiting to hear from you!

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Be ingenious in your thoughts and try your own uses for this yummy, luscious snack and do let us know how it is.  We would be waiting to hear from you!


HOT GAVVALU / SPICY HOT SHELLS (Premium Quality Snack)


       The sweet version of this shell-shaped savory has two forms one with sugar and another with jaggery.  The same way we can also make a spicy version for the sweet haters and the spice cravers.  It is a favorite of Lord Krishna and is always prepared on Gokulashtami both the sweet jaggery (considered auspicious to be offered to the almighty) version and the salty version.  It is an additive snack to humans too.  While preparation itself this needs to be done in huge quantities as it will be over in a jiffy when your family members start putting their hands into the box of hot, spicy gavvalus.  You don’t trouble yourself by preparing it, just order online from Sitara for Hot Gavvalu and relax to taste the ideal Andhra Cuisine famous Sweets and Savories.

Making of Hot Gavvalu:

       A simple three ingredient snack that grabs the heart of all Andhraites is this Hot Gavvalu.  Rice flour / all purpose flour are mixed with red chilli powder and salt to prepare a thick dough consistency.  This dough is then pressed and rolled into shells called hot gavvalus, which is further fried in the oil.      It requires a lot of patience and special equipments like Gavvalu Peeta / Gavvalu Chekka which is a serrated wooden board that makes the preparation process of Gavvalu easier to press and roll in shell shape.  Even if you don’t have this equipment you can use the back side of a fork but rolling them to form small rounds becomes difficult.  Other than all this we would suggest you an easy method to taste this yummy recipe.  It is to purchase online from Sitara and only spend your efforts to taste it.

         Recently, people make more additions to this normal gavvalu like mixing oats with the flour to make oats gavvalu or mixing grated carrot to make carrot gavvalu.  You can be innovative enough to make new things or buy and serve your family the conventional, traditional, hereditary, hot gavvalus.

Why stick to habitual, customary and orthodox food varieties?

         The impact of modern diet on human health has implicated in chronic health conditions.  Processed food items that are really called junk foods would leave our health in disguise.  Before even we could realize that our health is spoilt we would end up in a phase where we become a victim to any one of the ‘N’ number of chronic illness listed nowadays.  Our ancestors had certain food as habitual which kept them strong in terms of body and soul.  Why not we take only minimum efforts to follow it rather than keep inventing new things for which we have not tasted or followed before?

         The lifestyle changes do not let you think on what you eat.  It has compelled you in many aspects even without your knowledge and you have little time to think whether what you eat is a healthy diet or not.  Then why will not cardiac problems and diabetes become common even in children below 15 years?  Get more trendy but not with food because certain goodies of previous generation should never be missed by this age technology-oriented children.  Buy online from Sitara various varieties of Gavvalus like sugar based jaggery based and hot &spicy.


How can you use these Gavvalus?

         A munch over is very essential for all evenings or an inter-snack time between breakfast and lunch or tea and dinner for those who are busy and active throughout the day.  There are various options of using gavvalus as below:

·     These hot gavvalus are a perfect companion for your tea time snacks.  They taste really delicious with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

·     They can be used as a side dish for meal time when there is no time to prepare a curry for your family.

·     This is a life saver when you are back from a trip or busy with your work schedules as they can be used as a side dish along with tomato rice, lemon rice or tamarind (puliyogare / ulavacharu) rice.  These thokkus are also available at Sitara.  You can add to cart and get benefited.  They are just one click away.

·     It makes you feel at home when you add this as a snack up along with your PG or mess food that is normally a repeated raga.

·     You can mix it with puffed rice and sauce along with some grated carrot, chopped onions and coriander to make a South Indian Andhra Bhel Puri.  You are just replacing the pooris with hot gavvalus, that’s it.

         Be ingenious in your thoughts and try your own uses for this yummy, luscious snack and do let us know how it is.  We would be waiting to hear from you!

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