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If there is one pickle that you can definitely call a health supplement, it is the garlic pickle.

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If there is one pickle that you can definitely call a health supplement, it is the garlic pickle.


Willing to buy Garlic Pickle that has a tangy spice taste? 
Sitara is waiting to serve you.

         You call know the benefits of garlic and wonders it can do to your health and what else is needed when that is delivered to you in super delicious pickle form. Indian cuisine would be incomplete without a condiment like a pickle as it adds more flavors to the food and we all know that “Spicy food is the priority” for majority of Indians.  In our land of ‘Unity in Diversity’, where people of different cultural background live together without conflicts, not only each individual here follows their own heritage and religious practices but they also have different food and dressing habits.

         Indian Food always adds a tangy spice taste in all its varieties wherever it is; be it in North Indian cities like Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai or South Indian cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi and Bangalore/Bengaluru.  Every city is famous for its own condiments which suits their climate and taste of people living there.  But one such condiment is common to all which is none other than – Garlic Pickle / Vellulli Pachadi / Lahsun Achaar.  Garlic is unavoidable in our daily food as it aids in good digestion.

Top reasons to indulge in the healthy garlic pickle

If there is one pickle that you can definitely call a health supplement, it is the garlic pickle.  This pickle is a winner on multiple counts – it is a taste topper, a flavor favorite, and also packs a punch with innumerable health benefits that brings us to the star of the pickle universe – Allium sativum….. Your guess?   Yes, that is what the garlic is called in scientific terms. The process of pickling garlic demands scientific precision too. The best crop of garlic is meticulously selected, cleaned, and preserved with the purest of oil and fresh hand-ground spices. The end product is a mean pickle that is bursting with the taste, aroma, and health benefits of garlic.

The humble household garlic is mentioned in numerous medicinal and culinary texts even as early as 6th century BC. It has found its way not only into our kitchens but into the medicinal treatises of multiple cultures and languages. Since ancient times, people have considered garlic as a medicinal plant. So much so, that in ancient In Greece, athletes who were participating in the Olympics were fed garlic to improve their stamina. Even today, garlic-based preparations sell as well as popular prescription medicines.   To the garlic lover, this is just one more reason to indulge in drooling for some more!

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The secret of Health

There is a multitude of health benefits that garlic possesses and it is all because of a lot of effective plant chemicals like Allicin and its other products. Here are a few:

· Garlic is good for your heart and the blood vessels. It reduces the notorious Low-density cholesterol levels in the blood.

· Helps prevent the formation of blood clots that can block the smooth blood flow in blood vessels

· Garlic has potent anti-oxidant properties and that means it can reduce the ill- effects of aging.

· It has cancer preventive and anti-tumor properties

· It helps in controlling diabetes

· The liver protects the body by removing toxins from the body. Garlic is capable of protecting the liver- a body guard’s bodyguard.

· It improves immunity and also has an anti-microbial effect

· Best food for those who are planning for weight loss measures.

· When you suffer from acidity trouble, have a pinch of garlic pickle with your curd rice along with your meal.  It really helps to get rid of problems caused by acidic properties in other food substances that you eat.

· The best medicine for all those who have digestive issues are also this garlic pickle only.

To add to all this all-rounder protection against lifestyle diseases and infectious diseases, garlic is also rich in nutrients such as Manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and selenium.

           The fresh taste of the authentic garlic pickle is available phataaphat, with just a click, from Sitara food’s online delivery. The best collection of pickles, powders, and masalas from Sitara foods are available through free online delivery across India. They are also delivered to locations abroad, so being away from home does not mean that you have to yearn for this pickle. Sitara delivers to countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK, and more.   So what are you waiting for? Delve deep into the savor of awesome, crunchilicious garlic pickle and win the wholesome health benefits for life!!!

Ingredients Used:


How to make Garlic Pickle at home?

            Just when your extra garlic pods are sprouting and you don’t wish to waste it, then do pickle it in Andhra style to make it yours or order online from Sitara Foods.  Add some fresh oil to the pan; wait till it heats to add some mustard seeds, methi seeds, and cinnamon to it.  Then sauté and add these garlic pods that are peeled and kept ready.  Now add some Guntur red chili powder and add an adequate quantity of lemon juice.  Excess lemon juice may make your pickles bitter.  There lies the trick in making it the thickest craving food for your whole family.   But when you don’t wish to take pains or risk in arriving at the yummy taste, the easiest would be to buy from India’s Best Online Pickles Store – Sitara Foods!

Nutritional Profile (Values stated are for per tablespoon / per serving)

Energy – 66 Calories

Carbohydrates – 1.8g

Fiber – 0.1g

Fat – 2g

Cholesterol – 0mg

Vitamin A – 57.9mcg

Vitamin C – 3.4mg

Folic Acid – 0.7mcg

Calcium – 6.8mg

Magnesium – 1.6mg

Storage recommendations for long shelf life:

            How can we make sure that we can continue to enjoy the nutritious taste of pickle as long as it lasts?  These simple things will preserve the healthy flavor and taste of the pickle for a long time.

· The best bet to make pickles last longer is to keep the container airtight.

· Absolutely avoid using wet spoons or fingers to take the pickle out of the jar.

· Using dry spoons and wooden spoons will definitely work well.

· Depending on the weather conditions at your place, the pickle might be stored on a cool shelf or even refrigerated.

Jar of Joy:

            Pickled with the perfect blend of spices such as hing, ground chilies from the fields of Andhra, the garlic pickle is a call for action. Succumb to the enticements of this jar of joy! It is the taste of health and nutrition combined!

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