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A merrier world of frying adventures that lasts in your mind forever – your granny’s biscuit – Sweet biscuits!

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A merrier world of frying adventures that lasts in your mind forever - your granny's biscuit - Sweet biscuits!


Sweet Biscuts / Diamond Biscuts

A merrier world of frying adventures that lasts in your mind forever – your granny’s biscuit – Sweet biscuits!

         A brilliant creation of fried food is these sweet biscuits which not only tastes yummy when consumed alone but also when added to mixtures and chats.  The greatest joy of a mother is to see kids eating the food she gives with interest and that is assured when you serve your kids with these sweet biscuits from Sitara Foods.

         For elders the best treat would be to have a bowl full of these sweet biscuits with a cup of hot tea or coffee according to their preferences.  We also have a sugar free sweet biscuit variety which suits even diabetic.  Give it a try by making purchases online from us and you are sure to be nostalgic with every bite.

The best biscuit ever!

       Do you know the world’s best biscuit has been sold at auction for $23,000, and bought by the Greek collector who was willing to pay so much for the age of one particular biscuit – 103 years?  Yes!  It is the Spiller’s & Baker’s Pilot Cracker that was the only Titanic lifeboat cracker that had lived in an envelope so many years.  If you can ever find something so worthy the truth that you can’t eat it is bitter, right?  Then you can try ordering online our sweet biscuits which are sure to steal your heart forever.

Multiplied usage of such wonder foods!

  • Than eating some junk foods that are easily available on roadsides nowadays, this is a healthier option to choose for snack up.
  • Not only for evening snacks but also for your 11’O clock munches this is better than something like a burger or pizza.
  • When combined with some mixtures it tastes more luscious and palatable.
  • Not all fried food is unhealthy.  This is a good option to choose when it comes to fried food as it is harmless to eat in large quantities when you are too very hungry.
  • You can even buy it when you go to visit your friends or neighbors once in a while.  They will also enjoy it much!
  • A rainy day is a best day to not miss such a snack when you watch cricket with friends at your home theatre.  Ensure that you fill your kitchen shelves with such essential items always.

         After finding so many times when you can make use of this sweet biscuits you are sure to buy online from Sitara Foods!  Do like our social media pages to get to know any offers we give on certain products during festival time.

You can also buy other delicious sweets snacks like Fried Spicy Hot Kaju, Uppu Senagalu,  Karam Gavvalu, Bellam Jeedilu (Nuvvula Jeedi) and Murukulu (Chakli) at Sitara Foods online store.

Everlasting love story for Sweet Biscuits!

         Your grandmother is the only person to whom you all would have taken the utmost advantage and her home might have been the let out all the while from your studies when you go to your native towns during summer and winter holidays.  At least once she must have prepared these kinds of snacks for you and also asked you to distribute it to the people nearby, isn’t it?

         But nowadays, in the fast lifestyle and mother’s working, and minimum time spent with grandmothers, it is not so easy to spend as much time in the kitchen to get things done for the whole day as well as for the evening nibbles.  You need not long for such food when there is one place where you can get all these hand-made, home-made with no preservatives, additives or other adulteration like Sitara Foods.  You will become nostalgic once you give it a try.

         For those who have already tried, now additional good news is that we always sell only freshly produced products and we supply to over 106 countries through DHL accepting all 106 currencies.  Those who are bachelors who are working or studying abroad or even in India in a different place away from family, now you need not be homesick ever… All the food you taste at home is now available with us too.

         If you live in a PG and are fed up of eating food outside but need something yummy for your evenings, do order a pack and share with your friends while you give it a try.  This generation people would not have even know much about these snack varieties which your previous gen enjoyed.  It’s time to get back to roots and become more traditional in your consumption habits to get rid of so many lifestyle diseases that have new names.

Known to you in various forms like:

         Sweet Biscuits are relished all over the country and go by different names based on the region. These Sweet Biscuits are known in Maharashtra as Shankarpalli, In Gujarat as Shakarpara, in few parts of North India as Sweet Tukdi, in Tamil Nadu as Kalakala or maida roti and in Andhra as Teepi Maida Biscuits.  It is also called as Bombay Lakdi in some region.

Why Sitara?

       Sitara Foods, the store for homemade pickles and powders have come a long way combating the successful branded MNCs of the FMCG sector and stands apart in its method of preparations and packing. From pickles (veg and non-veg) to ready-to-eat powders and masalas to sweets and hot and also exotic varieties of fruits and flowers; Sitara foods bring only the best and choosiest products to its customers. The tale of their success is a testament to the fact that customer satisfaction rules the business.  So you can trust and choose us compared to others!

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