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Home Made Chinta aaku Iguru Karam podi / Powder (Premium Quality)

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The name ‘Tamarind’ when heard secretes saliva in your mouth, isn’t it?  This is because of the tangy, delightful taste it gives to any dish to which it is added.

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The name ‘Tamarind’ when heard secretes saliva in your mouth, isn’t it?  This is because of the tangy, delightful taste it gives to any dish to which it is added.




  • Fresh Premium Quality Ingredients Used
  • Home Made & Hand Made with atmost Care & Love
  • No Preservatives or Added Colors
  • Fresh Locally Sourced Ingredients from farmers around
  • Providing employment to rural women, hence providing rural women empowerment
  • Can Buy Online and get delivered to your doorstep with Free Shipping any where in India.

         The name ‘Tamarind’ when heard secretes saliva in your mouth, isn’t it?  This is because of the tangy, delightful taste it gives to any dish to which it is added.  The Tamarind leaves play a vital role in Andhra Cuisine more than tamarind fruit pulps. It is added in various forms to their daily food like dal or pulihora paste or even used to make chutneys and podi.  Among these varieties, the Chinta aaku iguru podi which is also called as Tender Tamarind Leaves Powder is the most preferred because it comes for your rescue from your pantry shelves at all busy mornings.   This is mainly because this podi is prepared with little red chilies and dry coconut which give the best experience of a tangy flavor than anything else you have ever tasted to match a morning side dish.  Purchase online from Sitara for this podi and see how our savior works for your morning recovery?

         Besides everything, making a podi with greens adds more light to our life through better health.  Most of us prefer eating tasty food than healthy food.  But, if at all the food that keeps you hale, healthy and fit is made in a yummy way, then it is a double dhamaka, isn’t it?  For getting such food instantly the name that should come to your mind is Sitara.  It’s by virtue of Sitara that we manufacture 100% natural, hand-made, hand-picked food with no preservatives, additives or artificial flavor added to it.  Buy online for any pack of Sitara foods, pickles or powders to bask in the complete love and care of your granny brought in to your home through door delivery.

Uses of Chinta chiguru podi:

         The uses of tamarind leaves spice powder is innumerable out of which a few are listed for you.

·      It serves as an ideal side dish for idli or dosa.

·      It can be mixed with ghee and plain rice to make a tamarind leaves bath easily.

·      It can be added to simple recipes like dal or curry or poriyal made at home to add more to the taste of the dish.

·      It can be used as an additional masala mix while preparing chicken or mutton curry.  The tangy flavor makes that dish more enjoyable.

·      Mix a little while preparing chapathi dough, along with fenugreek leaves or methi leaves; wow, it just tastes yum!

·      A pinch of it added to rice flour while preparing chakkli will add more crispiness as well as taste to your murukku or chakli.

·      When preparing greens curry or any other blunt food, just add one pinch of this powder at the end to add tanginess.  Tastes excellent when added to capsicum curry and especially the one which you make with all three colors of capsicum (Green, Yellow and Red).

  Discover more when you start using it!

Benefits of Tender Tamarind Leaves:

         In spite of the myriad of health benefits from tamarind plant’s fruit pulp to leaves and bark, the leaves are the most used in Indian dishes for sour taste.  They have all these benefits:

·      The first level of cure for both jaundice and diabetes.

·      A rich source of vitamin C supply and hence improves immunity in kids.  It also helps cure scurvy.

·      Improves lactation and inhibits genital infections.

·      Good for oral and tooth ache.

·      Treats ulcer and provides complete relief from hypertension

If you are living in any of the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi or Mumbai or anywhere for the matter there are chances of being more addicted to junk food.  How are you going to clean out all the impurities caused due to it out of your gut?  The only way is to eat lots of greens.  But, for career or study purposes if you are away from your family, it is very difficult to follow such things, isn’t it?  This can definitely be made easier with just a click and placing an order online for Sitara’s Chinta aaku iguru karam powder / Chinta Chiguru Podi / Tender Tamarind Leaves Powder.  There are other powders like curry leaves powder or munaga karam powder or pudina karam podi powder which serves such purposes.  Try it from Sitara to know how it helps you!

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