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Home Made Chicken Masala Powder (Andhra Style – Premium Quality)

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You can make easy, aromatic, lovable Chicken dishes with only a few pantry staples at home if you have Sitara’s Chicken Masala Powder handy.

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You can make easy, aromatic, lovable Chicken dishes with only a few pantry staples at home if you have Sitara’s Chicken Masala Powder handy.


Chicken Masala Powder (Home Made & Stone Grounded)

** Suitable for most of Chicken dishes **


  • Fresh Premium Quality Ingredients Used
  • Home Made & Hand Made with atmost care & love
  • No Preservatives or Added Colors
  • Fresh Locally Sourced Ingredients from farmers around
  • Providing employment to rural women, hence providing rural women empowerment
  • Can Buy Online and get delivered to your doorstep with Free Shipping any where in India.


         You can make easy, aromatic, lovable Chicken dishes with only a few pantry staples at home if you have Sitara’s Chicken Masala Powder handy.  Whenever you are on a busy weeknight and planning to go to any Indian restaurant for a delicious dinner, just stop a while and make your dinner in a jiffy at your home with this chicken masala powder.  Using certain shortcuts will always save money from your pocket, isn’t it?

         A South Indian Chicken curry based on Chicken masala recipes that are passed over from our ancestors are all the more tempting and super scrumptious.  They make you mouth-watering when you hear of the method of preparation itself.  Any foodies who crave for something unique will be content with such a flavor.  Buy online from Sitara for a pack of Chicken Masala Powder and just get astonished by its taste!

         If you are a beginner and new to the kitchen or newly married or trying out favorites for your parents or cousins or even cooking for fun with your friends, finally the dish must be at least worth serving on a plate.  So, while making such trials, keep in hand these kinds of masala powders to enhance your cooking and it gives you courage to make a try the next time.  What do you say?  Getting prepared to add to cart and purchase online for this chicken masala recipe special powder?  That’s a good idea!

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How you can make use of Chicken Masala Powder?

         This magic masala powder need not be necessarily used only for non-vegetarian dishes.  If you are artistic you can give it a try with other curries too.  This is because the ingredients used in the masala powder are all vegetarian.  There is no meat added in the powder so they deserve to have a green dot on them to mark it vegetarian. We have a few suggestions here for you.

·      Try all your chicken pakora / pakoda, chicken 65, chilli chicken, chicken Manchurian, chicken biriyani, pulao and fried rice with this masala powder.  These are your normal interests.  But there is still more to it.

·      Add a teaspoon of this masala powder when you make a potato masala or while you prepare a chana dal recipe to make it a hit among your family members.

·      Spread it on a home-made pizza base with other vegetables and give the pizza an Indian flavor.

·      You can make an easy crunchy evening snack with a little chicken masala powder sauté along with puffed rice and roasted gram or peanuts.

·      When you make a vegetable kurma, always blending in your mixer the same ingredients with coconut is boring, ain’t it?  So we can use such substitutes to give a change to the regular taste.

What not?  Be creative and give your own uses to the same masala powder.

         The spicy life is always more interesting.  Spice in food is even more interesting and that too for Indians.  We are known for our spices and their incredible taste.  Even if you prepare a bland dish, the Indian spices add magic to it with its docility.   Take a journey in the spice route in India to visit the Indian cuisine and get to learn more dudes!  These spices are a part of this Chicken masala Powder that quenches your thirst of Indian food wherever you are.  Buy online for Sitara’s Chicken Masala Powder and make it a part of your life to enjoy the real spice of Andhra Cuisine too.

         Indian spices have countless medicinal properties and are used by Ayurveda for various kinds of healing processes without any side effects unlike the modern day medicines.  Otherwise why would they have set up a separate authority for promoting them worldwide through Spices Board India (SBI)?  Eating bland food always is also not good for your health!

         When curry is believed to have originated from India, the spices are also taking their roots here and Indians, even if they live in foreign countries have the habit of carrying the same with them wherever they go.  It is because they cannot eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food without this.   So, wherever you are in the world, now things are only one click away…. You can just order online and buy a pack of Chicken Masala Powder to fulfill your hunger for Indian food.  Get ready to order guys!

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