Andhra style Curry Powder / Kura Karam Podi

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Have you ever felt that you have to take your dish to the next level when you cook them?  If yes, you need to definitely purchase this Home Made Curry Powder / Kura Karam Podi from Sitara.

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Have you ever felt that you have to take your dish to the next level when you cook them?  If yes, you need to definitely purchase this Home Made Curry Powder / Kura Karam Podi from Sitara.


Curry Powder / Kura Karam Podi (Home Made & Premium Quality)


         Have you ever felt that you have to take your dish to the next level when you cook them?  If yes, you need to definitely purchase this Home Made Curry Powder / Kura Karam Podi from Sitara.  It just tastes authentic, wonderful and amazing with any of the vegetables like cauliflower, lady’s finger, egg plant, beans, carrot, cabbage, bitter gourd, ivy gourd, ash gourd, red pumpkin etc.  A fresh, fragrant and warm feeling can be shared with your family members once you start adding such curry powders with all spices in them.  Relish in that taste and feeling to sing the song of happiness along with us by ordering online for Sitara’s products.

Secret recipe to curries!  Wondering what?

       Without a second thought we would say the secret recipe that can be added to all your curries is Sitara’s Home Made Curry Powder / Kura Karam Podi.  Its ingredients are the selected varieties of spices from local farmers who are known for the quality goods they supply.  Even though it’s a strange word to Indians – Curry Powder / Kura Karam Podi, it’s because each dish is prepared in their own way with different combinations of spices added to it.  It is an easy method that encourages youngsters to cook at home without eating fast food or junk food and end screwing up with their health, isn’t it?  Only our grandmothers felt that it is an insult to such a rich and diverse Indian Cuisine to use such generic blend of spices.  But we all love to use it as we have to rush up saving our time for office and personal work.  There are no exceptions to this.

         The key ingredients in this powder are turmeric, coriander seeds, red chilies, pepper, cumin seeds which is just hot like the Andhra cuisine.  Each one of these ingredients gives color, fresh zing, hotness, flavorsome bite and warmth to the food in which the powder is added.  Buy online from Sitara by adding to cart here now and dwell in the taste.

How to use curry powder / Kura Karam Podi ?

         Curry powders / Kura Karam Podi are not only used in vegetarian food but also add color and flavor to non-vegetarian food. The method, time and quantity of adding this powder to the dish needs to be given extra care so that you get the right taste.

·      You can very well sprinkle it on fried onions to make a special curry masala base for your side dish curries. Additionally tomatoes are also added at times along with cooked vegetables.  This is the easiest means of using this curry powder.

·      Add a pinch of it to your yoghurt to make it spicy.

·      You can even add it with lemon juice to prepare marinades.

·      When mixed with mayonnaise and fresh veggies to form a filling for sandwiches, the person who eats is sure to get endured in the taste and end up saying a wow! Or awesome for sure!

·      Add it with chicken and mayonnaise to make the coronation chicken.

·      When you make omelets, don’t forget to use curry powder which makes them extra ordinary in taste.

·      Use it in your regular tomato chutney or coconut chutney instead of red or green chilies.  It will make the dish totally different in taste.

·      Put a pinch of it in your pizza dough to taste how amazing it is!

·      Use it in soups for getting rid of its sweetness that does not impress elders especially in your home.

·      Use in to make flavored popcorns at home.

·      Use it in dips to add more flavor and spicy taste.

·      Salads are no exception to this big list.  You can very well try a pinch with your fresh vegetable salads too.

Can we now call this curry powder an all-rounder?  Yep! The cricket fans understand it better.  😀

Storing curry powder / Kura Karam Podi:

         It’s very important to store it well like all the other spice blends.  Every spice has its own aromatic oil by nature.  Once they undergo the process or heating or grounding and get exposed to air, these aromatic oils begin to evaporate.  Hence while storing keep these points in mind.

·      Keep your curry powders stored in air tight containers to lock up their fresh fragrance.

·      Keep them away from direct sunlight and

·      Keep them away from any other heat sources too.

Hope this information was useful.  If you are a beginner in cooking or even an expert mother or a bachelor staying away from your family and cooking for yourself, then this curry powder is a must.  Give it a try dudes!  You are sure to come back for more!

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