Chekkara Ariselu / Sugar Adhirasam (Premium Quality)

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How to enjoy perfect sugar adhirasam the best way?

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How to enjoy perfect sugar adhirasam the best way?


Chekkara Ariselu / Sugar Adhirasam Online (Premium Quality)

How to enjoy perfect sugar adhirasam the best way?

Just the right sweet to add taste to life!

            Chekkara Ariselu or Sugar Adhirasam is the modern cousin of the jaggery Adhirasam.  It is an immense hit with the young ones at home and a treat to the elders too.  India is a land known for its rich cultural tradition. We always have festivals in line one after the other and every single occasion is a chance for some quality family time.

            We share our joys, express our affection, and convey wishes to near and dear ones. It is a time to spread smiles and happiness around. Is there any other gift that expresses all this other than a hamper of choicest sweets?  No right!  Especially with Diwali or Deepavali, the must-have item on every household list is the adhirasam.  The adhirasam is sweet of long-standing tradition. Apart from being a ‘Diwali special’, the adhirasam is also an offering and a prasadham in Hindu temples.

Fan Followers for Sugar Ariselu just for its making!

            Ask any die-hard Adhirasam fan and they will elaborate on the wonderful sweet flavor emanating from the dessert made with sugar. The consistency is one that melts in the mouth. The making of the Sugar Ariselu is an intricate process. No wonder that the taste is a perfect culmination of all the expertise!

            It is almost impossible to believe, but the making of the Adhirasam has multiple stages and special equipment designed for it. There is a pre-processing stage where the dough is prepared using the sugar syrup, the preparation phase of frying the adhirasam and the post-preparation phase where the oil is squeezed out and drained between wooden blocks made for the purpose.

How to make Sugar Adhirasam?

· The preparation of the dough begins with soaking premium quality rice and then grinding it, and drying off the excess moisture.

· The level of moisture is critical in the final texture of the adhirasams.  Neither too watery nor too dry! It is surely not a task for the faint-hearted!

· Meanwhile, the sugar syrup is prepared with water and kept to boil. Here again, there is another stunner – the consistency of the syrup must definitely be the softball consistency (the jeera/ sugar syrup stays as a loose ball when dropped in water); it simply cannot be the one-string, two-string, or three-string consistency.

· The syrup in this stage is now poured bit by bit into the perfectly moist rice flour flavored with cardamom/elaichi and mixed to prepare the dough.

· This will now have to sit overnight for the dough to be ready.

· The dough is rolled into uniform sized balls, and flattened out over a surface greased with ghee or oil.

· The adhirasams are ready to be fried in oil at the perfect temperature.

· The adhirasams should not be overcooked.

· They are now pressed between two flat wooden plates that allow the extra oil to drain.

· This also gives the final shape to the adhirasams.  Stack them and serve them to delighted friends and family!!!

            But can you do all of this alone at home?  Lengthy process right?  If you say yes, do make an order online from Sitara Foods!

Sitara Special Sugar Ariselu / Adhirasam

            Adhirasam-making demands a lot of patient and skilled effort to achieve the yummy factor.  At Sitara we have expert chefs to make yummy athirasams and every ingredient and step of making the adhirasam is carefully done and meticulously carried out.  You can treat yourselves and your loved ones to the wonderful Sugar Ariselu by ordering this delicacy online, fresh from Sitara!  Everyone who knows the journey of the adhirasam will treasure this dessert and for those who are not aware of the painstaking labor behind it, will still be enraptured by the magic of the sugar adhirasam!  It is a perfect choice for the little ones and the elders who do not prefer jaggery/vellam/bellam. 

 You can also buy Bellam Adhirasam (Nethi Ariselu), Karjikayalu Coconut Variant and other snacks like  Tirupathi Style Minapa Vada, Karam Sakinalu and Murukulu/Chakli online at Sitara Foods.


Rice, Sugar, Cardamom, Fresh Oil

Nutritional Information

Sugar Adhirasam – 1 piece (25g) contains

 Carbohydrates – 14.09g

Protein – 0.4g

Fat – 2.98g  (the most required fat for growing children and not advised for a diabetic)


Storage Details

· Keep it intact in a closed container

· Ensure that you don’t use wet hands to take the sugar ariselu from the stored container

Shipping Info

            Sitara ships orders free of cost to locations across India. If you are missing your friends and family because distance and travel barriers are worrying, you can connect by sending this bundle of sweets to remind them of your togetherness. Sitara foods also deliver to locations out of India.  In hectic festival times, indulge in some cherished memories with your family rather than being closeted in the kitchen.  Order the sugar ariselu for your family too and keep the tradition of adhirasams for Diwali alive!

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