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Thinking of true taste of Telugu Pickle, then just think about yummy Avakai Pickle without Garlic made with a special process and exciting recipe.

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Thinking of true taste of Telugu Pickle, then just think about yummy Avakai Pickle without Garlic made with a special process and exciting recipe.


The Globally Renowned and Timeless, Telugu Avakai  / Avakaya Pickle without Garlic! Incomparable in its make and taste!

            Thinking of true taste of Telugu Pickle, then just think about yummy Avakai Pickle without Garlic made with a special process and exciting recipe. Yeah, of course, no Andhra meal is complete without this Avakai Oorukai! And the same when prepared without garlic has a special welcome from all garlic avoiders. Since it is garlic-free, the tanginess is highlighted with a special touch of spice.  You might have tasted many prevalent variations of Avakai Pickle like bellam avakai or sweet mango pickle, sun dried avakai, ginger avakai, sesame seeds avakai, moong dal avakai, methi avakai; but this one is a delicious, never miss perfect snack addition to many children and adults during summer.

            Buy Avakai Pickle without garlic online from Sitara Foods and be assured that you will love its flavour and aroma as it is prepared in small batches, with ingredients sourced from local farmers, so the taste is retained just like your grandma’s home-made pickle. When you have to serve your guests with a comforting full-fledged Andhra meal which consists of hot steamed white rice, mashed moong dhal with a dollop of ghee along with mixed vegetable stir fry or curry, charu (Rasam) and also some sun dried chillies that are deep fried as the best combination with yogurt, then how would you miss a small pinch of avakkaya pickle without garlic?

Best way to enjoy its taste:

            Rather than you eating daily in your home in the same taste, when someone else prepares something different, then it makes your tongue tickling to taste more, isn’t it?  That kind of a feeling is assured with our Avakkai pickle without garlic.  We are just giving a few suggestions for you to enjoy it from the bottom of your heart here.  Give it a try and you are sure to come back for more as they are hygienically prepared with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added to it.

  • Mix a spoon of Avakai Pickle without garlic with hot steaming rice and also add a spoon of ghee to it. It’s amazing, delicious and mouth-watering to taste this rice with some vadiyalus or fryums that are home-made, which can also be ordered online from us.
  • Serve it to your guests for their lunch at the corner of the banana leaf with curd rice, to make them feel nostalgic and to remind their childhood memories with grandmother.
  • Even every pregnant woman will love the taste of this Avakai Pickle without Garlic from Sitara Foods as it keeps them away from any kind of nausea or morning sickness.
  • One can fill their tummy with this yummy combination to pamper their taste buds. So Purchase the best Avakai Pickle without garlic from Sitara Foods and get it delivered at your doorstep for free all over India.

Eager to know how they are prepared:

            When you go vegan or consume jain food or if you are a person avoiding garlic for some reason in your food, then you have landed in the right place.

  • Mangoes got especially during the summer season are perfect for this pickle.The green fresh unripe mangoes are chosen and cut into right sizes. This is marinated with a mixture of fresh spices like mustard seeds powder, fenugreek seeds powder, red chili powder, turmeric powder, etc.
  • And the uniqueness of our Sitara Food Pickles, unlike other brands is, it’s completely home-made with best quality mangoes and premium quality ingredients.
  • Purchase this Cut Mango South Indian Pickle / Andhra Avakaya Pickle without garlic for your family and friends from us and enjoy the Nativity of your food with no change in its taste, flavour and aroma.

              You can also see our other variants like Regular Andhra Style Avakai Pickle, Lemon Pickle and Munnakaya/Drumstick Pickle can be purchased online at Sitara Foods Store.

Benefits of Eating Mangoes:

            Show your love on “The King of fruits” and it is the only one fruit loved by all age group of people for its winsome, sweet and tangy taste. Just refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body with the benefits listed below:

  • The main reason that why our ancestors prepared pickles is, to take complete control of digestion in our LIFE! Also, probiotics are found in abundance in the preserved food items like pickles.
  • And here Mangoes contain an enormous number of Vitamins than the other fruits like apples, bananas, pomegranates, etc. which is highly beneficial in treating blood disorders.
  • It helps in digestion and constipation problems.
  • Eating salted mangoes prevents dehydration and quenches your thirst by secreting more saliva.
  • Having mango pickle in your diet gives you more energy and prevents you from the sunstroke.
  • It cleans your intestines and acts as a liver protector.  So, it is good if consumed frequently.
  • Those who do not have the habit of consuming raw mangoes, just Order Online from Sitara Foods and give a try of this Andhra Style Avakai Pickle to enjoy its nutritious benefits.

Storage and Shelf Life: Store it in a glass jar and put the pickle in refrigerator for longer shelf life. Don’t use the wet spoon for serving the pickle as it might reduce the shelf life of pickle.

  • Sitara Foods are proud to bottle the flagship Andhra Style traditional pickle and take it to far more places throughout the world. Does any of your child or bachelors or friends living abroad missing their home food? Then no worries all you need to do is just order online for all your authentic, favourite pickles and get them delivered with the taste of home-made preparation. Tummy needs to be attended with Yummy food first! It is spicy, sour and goes well with all types of dishes. It matches perfectly with dhal/Pappu and ghee or also with idli, dosa, and chapathi.
  • Order now for the best Avakai Pickle without garlic to taste and feast your taste buds with special mangoes, finest oils and aromatic spices. And we Sitara Foods always love to serve you with the best everlasting pickles that go well with any kind of food base at your doorstep!

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