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Pregnancy Second Trimester : Do & Don’ts, Sleep positions, Diet, Exercises and Excitement

Excitement heaps up when you start sharing the information!

After all your nausea has ended, you will feel happy to be in your second trimester, announcing to people that you are carrying and getting extra attention and care almost all the time.  Enjoy this period as you have a lots of happy responsibilities to carry over once you become a mother.  Live every moment to its fullest.

Keep Fit for the Kick of it!

Get ready to feel the kicks towards the mid or end of the second trimester from your little one inside you. It’s time to start exercising in your second trimester.  Discuss with your doctor about normal, pregnancy-friendly workouts.  Get some support from other would-be moms and you can plan for a walk together or a walking group.  Actually this also helps to get relieved a lot from mental pressure or stress that you may have, if any.  You will not feel that you are the odd one out.

Kegel exercises are mostly recommended.  It helps to prevent urine leaks during and after pregnancy.  It also improves muscle tone of you vagina making your delivery a little easier.

Visit your Health Care Provider and join hands with a smile!

A monthly check up or visit to a doctor becomes a must unless and until you have any condition that is complex which needs more intense schedules to meet up.  There may be a few tests recommended which involves diabetes test and a few scanning process.  That’s it!  There is no pain or strain involved in any of these processes.  Just relax when you get them done.

Get set to welcome a new member of your family:

New clothes are needed to fit you both together now.  Start buying loose fitting clothes which you can wear throughout this 10 month period and may be after that too, till you bring down your weight.

You need more pampering now!

Moisturize your belly and admire it more.  Give same amount of care in your food intake and other activities.  Try to avoid more junk foods like maida based foods, oil foods, unnecessary carbohydrates that are tough to reduce when you need to. Try to each healthy and Quality foods like home made andhra pickles, Home made Andhra Sweets and Snacks.   Keep your mind more calm and composed.  Don’t waste your time on useless thoughts.  Spend it usefully that make you feel you are more valuable and precious too.  This attitude keeps your spirits high and works ideal to prevent you from falling into postpartum depression which normally occurs after child birth for many moms.

Start using your time more for yourself by leaving aside your regular chores as it would be a little difficult to find time once you have a baby at least for the first two years.  Then it is of course a 20 years complete project to keep track of your baby’s growth where you have to face expected and unexpected problems all the more.  Do it with enjoyment as it forms a part of your life throughout and for some parents it is their whole life too.

Concentrate more on relaxing than bothering.

Stop bothering whether it is a girl or a boy.  In some countries where the sex is not revealed, it is actually more surprising for the parents till the last moment.  Where they do disclose the sex of the baby, you can go ahead and decide with your partner whether to know it or not.  If you get to know the gender of the baby, start preparing his or her room and also discuss with your partner on how to grow them up.  Discuss about how financially you will accommodate the new member in your family.  Prepare your elder child / children for the new arrival of a member in the family so that they find it easier to cope up living along with them.  Otherwise it may impact them emotionally and psychologically.  All these days the elder child would have got lots of attention and now when it shifts, make sure he/she understands the same clearly and accepts it.

Sleep Positions to know.

You all would have heard grannies giving a lot of advices about the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy.  Amidst that the sleeping positions is the most repeated one.  They will always ask us to sleep towards our sides. This is because the umbilical cord which is the source of food for the baby is long enough to go around the baby.  If it gets knotted then it causes unnecessary risk during pregnancy which can be avoided.  The sleeping position to be more specific is more preferred towards the left side as it increases blood flow to the placenta and reduces any swelling in your legs.  To make these positions comfortable, you can give support pillows wherever needed.

Make sure you don’t let your elder ones who are still very young to sleep in the same bed along with you.  Arrange some other care taker or your partner to take up the responsibility.  This is because they may hit you by mistake when they are fast asleep by turning or pushing with their legs.

Record your memories.

It is definitely a life time experience and so you record your memories of pregnancy with a pregnancy diary.  Continue to write the one you started in the first trimester or if you have missed it – “Better late than Never”.  You can very well start now.  Along with it a few photos of your belly can add up to give more pleasant memories which you and your partner along with your little one can cherish later in your old age.

Write a letter to your baby where you can open your heart and follow your impulse.  You can think about a day out with your child or your family as a whole and start writing.  If you feel that you don’t have the patience to sit and right, just collect a few pictures of your dreams and make a collage.  This in fact is more memorable and it serves as the best pregnancy memento that you give to yourself.  You can keep these records as both physical copies and soft copies in case if you miss one, you may have the other treasure safe to recollect the memories.

Start bonding with unconditional love and open your eyes to see a new universe waiting for you!

Waiting to meet you with more information for the next and last trimester at the earliest…..Bye for now….

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