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Pickles of South India – The savior of Bachelor lives of Indians all over the world.

Doesn’t matter if you are flying to USA, Canada or Even to a different city in India itself, pickles has it’s own space in your luggage and life. Doesn’t matter what else you carry, but pickles have to be there, because it saves your life from being hungry on several occasions. Lets discuss below a few of such…

Let say you are too tired to cook a curry, just put some rice in the cooker and sever it with spicy, tangy pickle with pinch of ghee. I promise, you will be near to the heaven of taste.

Or Your wife experimented on you with a new dish and you are too afraid of eating it, Then pickle is your saviour.

Or just imagine curd rice with lemon pickle with a pinch of salt on a tired evening. What else is so tasty in life than this. It’s a marriage made in kitchen with no string attached .. You know what I mean people 🙂

Or Lets say you are a bachelor and live in a PG. I don’t have to tell you further about the food in todays PG’s.  Again Pickle is your saviour.

Pickles have always been a part and parcel of our lives. Part of our life and parcel in our baggage, where ever we travel. The simultaneous amalgamation of spice and sour flavours on one’s palate is every Indian foodie’s delight.

Do you know that 90% of south Indian politicians who travel abroad carry pickles with them to be on the safer side.

Let it be a vegetarian pickle for you, white rice with some ghee or with an idly to start your morning or Spicy Non vegetarian pickle like chicken pickle or mutton pickle or Prawn & fish pickle for munching as a side to you drink at end of the day. From morning break fast till munching in the night, Sitara Pickles got your back.  You can buy any south Indian pickle online from Sitara foods and pickles. Sitara pickles are 100% home made and better in taste & quality compared to the commercial Priya pickles, Swagruha pickles and Vellanki pickles, which are loaded with chemicals to preserve pickles for longer shelf life. But, Sitara pickles use zero chemicals and the best quality ingredients available in the market.

What do you say – Dudes & Petties of India, either you are living in India or abroad, pickles are a part and parcel of your life… Our lives…

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