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Fresh pickles apart from the wonderful taste – supply essential vitamins and minerals to the human body.

Pickles have always been a part and parcel of our lives. The simultaneous amalgamation of spice and sour flavours on one’s palate is every Indian foodie’s delight.

Pickles can be tempted by everyone and there is no satisfaction without pickle in the meal menu. During the summer season, shortage of vegetables, hygienic and tasty pickles will help many housewife’s needs in the main course of meal.Now every one can order all South India vegetarian and non veg pickles online from Sitara Foods.

Our customers notify us that in general the chemical components involved in commercial pickles like priya pickles, swagruha pickles and vellanki pickles to increase the shelf life which are unhealthy, so they prefer homemade pickles like SITARA foods & pickles. Irrespective of lunch, breakfast or dinner pickles always plays pinch role in carry the taste to the food lovers.

Our customers in their feedback notify us that homemade pickles from SITARA is best choice compared to priya pickles, swagruha pickles and vellanki pickles as Sitara Pickels are better in taste and quality as they use the best quality oil and spices and you can order all the south India Vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles online from Sitara. Taste of Sitara homemade pickles never beaten by the machine made commercial pickles, along with an affection and experience of our grandma’s.

Healthy oils & ingredients and Hygienic pickle making practice from Sitara, makes it as one of the best south India pickles ever made and not to mention the decades of experience & attention from the mothers & grandmothers during the process. SITARA, the brand you can trust, we just don’t make customers, we build relations.

All our kitchens employ the mothers & grandmothers along with our own from nearby villages and There will be no cost to buy the affections and kindness of these mothers & grandmothers using their experiences and commitment for the preparation of pickles making the younger generation healthy, happy & tasty. At SITARA, our kitchens are not located in metros, but only in villages of Andhra & Telangana and we employ the rural women of Andhra & Telangana and we are proud, that we do.

A1 (A-One) quality of pickles comes from villages as the material used mostly organic and ingredients gathered from fresh farm lands, their experience, commitment and enthusiasm to see the taste satisfaction in the face of younger generation.

Pickles are good source of calcium, magnesium, iron and many other useful nutrients which are necessary for body metabolism depending upon the fresh ingredients and oils used. SITARA is always look for the utmost satisfaction of the taste and the quality.

One cannot define the satisfaction one gets from, few food combinations like lemon pickle with curd rice, mango avakay pickle with white rice, ghee & dal, Gongura pickle with pure ghee and hot white rice, Ginger pickle in breakfast with dosa and non- vegetarian pickles for fresh steamed rice or just like as it is for munching to drink. Superb tasty combinations for the food lovers.

Amla Usirikaya pickle are seasonal and have certain healthy properties that protect the liver or reduce the damage caused to the liver. Collecting the Amla fruits from the pollution free villages and forests to achieve high level of taste and satisfaction of food lovers.

High Quality Ingredients, Best Hygienic Making Methods, Good Quality Oils, Decades of experience with pinch of Love & affection from our mothers & grannies, make Sitara Pickles best in the world.

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