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Where to Order Non Veg Pickles Like Chicken , Mutton, Prawns, Fish Pickle Online in Cities of Chennai , Coimbatore , Madurai , Kanchipuram , Vellore , Ooty and Salem ?

You can buy Non Vegetarian pickles online using on sitarafoods.com website and we cater to all parts of Tamil Nadu with free shipping. Tamil Nadu is a state of India with most working class population. It has one of the biggest cost lines with Chennai port. Tamil Nadu is the 10 th largest state by area covered in India. The state has 37 districts, 15 municipal corporations with major cities being Chennai , Coimbatore , Madurai , Kanchipuram , Vellore , Ooty and Salem. Chennai being the most densely populated metropolitan city is known as the “The Detroit of India”, because of it’s industrial development.  Here at Chennai, despite the innumerable varieties of sea food got from Royapuram harbor’s Kasimedu fresh fish market, the people of Chennai have a special love for chicken varieties. Even though you must have tasted different varieties of food made with chicken, sometimes non-vegetarian lovers feel incomplete and start looking out for more.  Just think out of the box, what if your tongue tastes a new variety like NON-VEG PICKLE and moreover if chicken is your bae, then Sitara’s authentically made non veg pickles like Mutton Pickle, Fish Pickle, Prawns Pickle would grab your heart away for sure.  Order online to taste the first-rate Chicken Pickle ever! We offer free shipping to all parts of the state and cities of Chennai , Coimbatore , Madurai , Kanchipuram , Vellore , Ooty and Salem

Chicken Pickle by SITARA is Home Made Andhra Style Pickle made with best quality ingredients and premium quality halal cut chicken that is why people love the quality and taste of SITARA FOODS.

You may also like our other Non Veg Pickles like Gongura Mutton Pickle , Regular Spicy Mutton Pickle and Gongura Prawn Pickle, which are also avaiable for customers of Chennai , Coimbatore , Madurai , Kanchipuram , Vellore , Ooty and Salem  to order online.

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