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Etiquette to make the party memorable!

You have got the partner and you have got the ring, now it’s time for celebrations of your dazzling engagement party.  If you are bored of those classic engagement parties the Indian way and looking to make it an exceptional one here in the USA, we are here to inspire you with crowd-pleasing engagement party ideas that satisfy your sweet tooth too.  When you are announcing to your family and friends that there is a forthcoming union, then it’s very essential to kick off your wedding celebrations with a bang on during the engagement itself.  Now when the grand celeb is decided you may have a whirlpool of questions swirling around about everything in between guest list and return gifts.  If you are going to consult a party planner for the same, have a good read before that to do your planning the best way when you live abroad in countries like USA.

Etiquette tips for a themed engagement party!

Welcome to our engagement luncheon which includes almost 10 important questions related to an engagement party.  

  1. Who throws an engagement party?

The initial bliss of newly engaged life will be on the peek and still, you have to throw an engagement party to keep the pace on till your wedding is completed.  Traditionally the bride’s parents only throw an engagement party either on the whole for all family and friends or separately for each of them in case you expect a bigger crowd.  Sometimes even the friends or bride or groom or other relatives may wish to organize the gathering as well.  Make your pre-wedding party start with gusto by breaking the ice between the two families.  

  • What, Why, and When of an engagement party?

A party in order to celebrate the engaged couple and their forthcoming wedding is called a pre-wedding bash or an engagement party.  Engagements are more formal whereas hearty congratulations are received at an engagement party.  Just making a phone call and wishing to for getting engaged is quite boring whereas when you throw a party, it interests a crowd of your age.  Somewhere in between the just-engaged life and serious wedding planning falls the engagement party celebrations that are within a few months of a proposal – the golden period.

  • How to address engagement party invitations?

No formal wedding invitation etiquette needs to be adopted.  But still, the choice is yours.  If you are from a royal family and it is a formal get-together then you have to use full titles with first and last names whereas if it is an informal party then, you can use only first and last names.  But unlike a wedding invitation, you can have fun with the wording.  Make it simple and ice-breaking between two families.

  • How to plan an engagement party on a budget?

Give more thought before you finalize your guest list.  Some people can be invited for the wedding alone rather than now also.  Make simple and smart decorating decisions.  Select a moderately charging venue with proper entertaining amenities.  Set the scene without any drama.  Make things simple with sweets and snacks as return gifts to your guests.

  • What is engagement party etiquette?

Giving a speech by wishing congratulating or honoring someone or raising a toast is an unavoidable thing that happens at an engagement party.  But this depends on the person who hosts the engagement party.  If the bride’s family is hosting it, naturally the bride’s father would be the first one to raise a toast to the bride and her fiancé.  Then comes the fiancé who raises a toast to the bride-to-be and her parents.  Whereas if friends are hosting the event it becomes more informal and anyone can make a toast at any time.  But before the end of the event, the engagement couple is given a chance to make a toast

  • What are engagement party favors?

Pick the right gift ideas that your guests are sure to love.  Delight your engagement party guests with favors that melt in their mouths and make them keep thinking about you.  Buy some engagement party favors like some traditional desserts box with your wedding logo engraved on it or personalized sweet boxes which they will like to take back home in memory of your special pre-wedding party.

  • How to make your engagement party more memorable?

A grand engagement party is memorable sometimes even a simple pre-wedding celebration becomes awesome.  It all lies in how you organize.  Add a dance number that will make everybody dance – a stage-less event!  You can order innovative cakes in varied shapes that excite the guests.  You can even make your entry with a whole drama that no one will forget.  These things will make your engagement party more memorable.

  • What should happen at an engagement party?

After you make the announcement a little amount of enjoyment before the big day’s activities begins is what is called an engagement party.  It’s not the normal birthday or anniversary party but at the same time to be not belittled with your organization.  It has to be arranged in all possible ways to be the best ever celebration.  The perfect party favors would be something like new varieties of Indian sweets that will grab the attention of people in the USA.  

  • What to wear to an engagement party if you are a host or guest?

If you wish to follow tradition you can wear a saree or lehenga when you are a host and a wrap dress, skirts and tops or a wonderful floral dress will all look good for the guest as well as the host.  Men can wear sherwani’s and also Dhoties with shirts to give a slight twist to the celebrations. A suit with tie and jacket or stunning kurta with a Patiala also looks ideal for certain men.

  1. What is the protocol for an engagement party?
  2. Call in a wedding planner in case you decided to have a theme and celebrate the pre-wedding ceremony almost so grandly like a wedding.  
  3. Get ready with the best of invitations
  4. Try combining celebration with another eve like New Year or Christmas or Diwali.

Throw the party within the first few months after the engagement.  Don’t give it a long back almost nearing your wedding.

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