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A Special Day In Every Kids Life Where Celebrations Give Happy Memories – Traditional Birthdays!

A good party begins with happiness and ends with ecstasy.  The same applies to a birthday party also.  Another year has gone!  Wow, your next birthday is up with the highest expectations and makes you excited for another celebration.  The song “Happy Birthday” is itself not beyond its 100th birthday and human excitement is needless to explain in this case.  Celebrating a whole year full of achievements and accomplishments is truly an amazing experience and that too when you get to do it on the day you were born a few years before is more of an interesting occurrence.  

Should we host birthday parties in the early stages of life for kids?

Becoming aware of time and how that time has passed in your life is of course necessary that you do it at least once every year.  And it is the culture in the USA too.  But let’s ensure that we do not make it a market for somebody.  It’s better to wait till your children are old enough to ask for birthday parties and wish to have friends gather to celebrate/her birthday.  Let’s not host parties even before they understand what is happening around them.  Sometimes the child ends up crying continuously at the first birthday party and gets annoyed with too many visitors.  So too early stages it’s good to give space for them to grow better.  

When to talk about tradition and how to introduce culture to kids?

Traditions are generally those special events that people follow and repeat the same way at the same time of the day, week, month & year.  It is passed over from one generation to the next from our ancestors.  We have to necessarily create a sense of belonging to our kids while they grow and make them endure the joy of connecting to the roots.  By making them understand the culture we also make them realize their self-worth.  No matter where we come from or where we go and live even in the USA, we have to encourage our children to dig the roots deeper and understand more.  

Celebrating birthdays is also a tradition we have adopted from the foreigners but we can teach our children to rejoice the Indian way.  Even when they live a life abroad in states like Georgia, Colorado, Arizona, California, Atlanta, Boston or Houston, or anywhere in the USA, we have to make them start learning traditions by mixing them up in the kitchen.  This is the place where they learn quickly.  Traditional food habits are just the beginning of their special journey where they feel proud to be of Indian origin.  Of course, it is a healthier way to teach also.  Apart from this, you can also teach a dance style like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, kathakali, or Odissi and also Carnatic music or Hindustani music and special desi games like pallanguli, 5 stones, Gilli danda or kabaddi.

Talking more about your birthday parties and tips to celebrate the traditional way!

“Everything begins with an idea” – Earl Nightingale.  So, the very first idea of celebrating birthday parties the traditional way is itself a perfect beginning.  We give you a few tips to celebrate your birthday parties in the USA the traditional way.  Why cakes when jaggery or country sugar-based sweet varieties like pakam chalimidi or kaju bite sweets are available to enjoy for kids?  Rather than buying 1 kg of cake you can order online this pakam chalimidi – jaggery or sugar variant and cut it like a cake.  Even your homemade Kesari will make a true difference amidst those who spend dollars on cakes.  Why candles when the Diya can be lit in your pooja room at your homes? If you you’re your child will miss candles you can light one on top of each Mysore Pak, mango burfi or Bandar halwa and distribute it to the kids who visit you.  Make even the goodies box very special to kids with special combination of Indian sweets like dry fruit Kova barfi, Bombay halwa, ghee badusha, narinja mittai, and tapeshwaram madatha kaja.  

Express your love for Indian desserts without hesitation

Traditional sweets for events
Homemade sweets

Indian desserts find their way into your tummy even when it is full.  When you crave a sweet treat except for Indian food nothing else can satisfy you better, especially those ghee sweets which you get from Sitara Foods made out of pure desi cow ghee.  Desserts also form an essential part of sacred offerings named neivedhya or neivedyam.  Making you nostalgic there are varied good old delights that will surprise you and your family members now available @  Even if you are pickiest in dessert options we have all varieties of melt-in-the-mouth sweets which will satisfy your craving sweet tooth.

59th, 60th, 70th, 75th, and 80th Birthday celebrations can be made even more grand and added with nostalgic memories by gifting the sweets your parents or in-laws love.   When you order online for the best desserts @ Sitara Foods you are sure to sing songs and start dancing feeling about your native homes in India.  Try it out and be the happiest ever.  

“Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance.”

― Edward Lee

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