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Willing to buy Ginger Pickle that has a tangy spice taste? And not sure why to buy? Sitara is waiting to serve you.

Indian cuisine would be incomplete without a condiment like a pickle as it adds more flavors to the food and we all know that “Spicy food is the priority” for majority of Indians.  In our land of ‘Unity in Diversity’, where people of different cultural background live together without conflicts, not only each individual here follows their own heritage and religious practices but they also have different food and dressing habits.

        Indian Food always adds a tangy spice taste in all its varieties wherever it is; be it in North Indian cities like Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai or South Indian cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi and Bangalore/Bengaluru.  Every city is famous for its own condiments which suits their climate and taste of people living there.  But one such condiment is common to all which is none other than – Ginger Pickle / Allam Pickle / Allam Pachadi.  Ginger is unavoidable in our daily food as it aids in good digestion.

        Most of the Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad people have the habit of adding ginger pickle to their meals regularly.  This is an undeniable fact as per a survey from the hotels or restaurants here.  Every time you cannot go to a hotel for Ginger Pickle.  Isn’t it?  To make your work easy, we at Sitara have skillful chefs to make a traditional and delicious Ginger Pickle with or without jaggery. If you are looking to shop for Pickles with out garlic online, then it also can be served with the wide variety of veg pickles from sitara foods.  

        Ginger acts as the main stimulant of your gastro-intestinal tract.  But how to cook ginger and make a pachadi or achar is an exceptional skill.  When included in your diet in a pickle form we are sure that most of the people like it rather than being combined with other dishes.  This is a common side dish that goes well with the pesarattu or moong dhal dosa prepared by the Andhra Cuisine.  It also goes well with idly, dosa, chapathi and curd rice.  I can hear you say “It’s a healthy combination!”  Yes, you are right!  So, planning to buy Ginger Achar and try it with Pesarattu or other varieties of food.  Good Idea!  Order online immediately from Sitara and try!

Benefits of Ginger:         Grinded Ginger when mixed with exact quantity of tamarind, red chilli powder, fenugreek powder and turmeric powder makes our magic possible.  Before you eat ginger, you can get to know some real health benefits got by it.  A few are listed below:

  • No.1 Digestion aid:  Ginger has phenolic compounds and it helps to relieve gastro-intestinal irritation, stimulates saliva and suppresses all gastric related problems which prevent movement of food through the Gastro Intestinal tract.
  • Cold and flu relief:  Ginger helps to warm up your body as it is a diaphoretic and further sweating reduces fever and relieves you from common cold or illness.
  • Prevents Nausea:  It protects nausea for people who suffer from acidity trouble, but for them it is advisable to take our Ginger Pickle with jaggery.
  • Reduces muscle pain and soreness:  If you are an exercising person and frequently prone to exercise-induced muscle pain or swelling, keep one Ginger Achar handy.  Include it in your meals to reduce the day-to-day muscle pain increasing due to inflammation.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels:  It improves a person with heart disease risk factor who have mainly diabetes problem too.  This works to lower their blood sugar levels and hence leads to overall health improvement also.
  • Boosts immune system:  A healthy immune system is attained by a combination of factors put together.  Among them, Ginger also plays a major role.
  • Helps to treat Chronic indigestion:  Ginger speeds up the emptying of stomach in people with this condition and aids them in getting rid of pain in upper stomach caused due to chronic indigestion.

After a heavy food, Allam pachadi / Ginger Achar pickle serve as an ideal probiotic for digestion.  It also gets rid of frequent illness due to some or the other reason in your body.  Indian pickles are always on the savory side, but still sometimes jaggery is added to enrich the balancing flavors and make the pachadi more peculiar in taste when compared to other company products.  At the same time, people from Hyderabad who are prone to eat hot, spicy food from their childhood may or may not like Ginger pickle with Jaggery.  So, we at Sitara have Allam Pachadi in two variants.  While ordering, we request you to add in notes during checkout, whether you have chosen the one with jaggery or without jaggery.  Purchase online from us and enjoy the distinct flavors.

        In spite of tons of chutneys or pickles or achars innate from Andhra, the mouth-watering, healthy Ginger Pachadi is a craving for innumerous number of people from Hyderabad.  This has been reflected in our sales till now.  The demand for Ginger pachadi is constantly on rise in other places where we sell non-vegetarian pickles like Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi and Kolkata.  Non-vegetarians adore the flavor of Ginger Achar when taken with their food regularly.  Vegetarians also prefer it to improve their fitness condition.

        Those who like the taste of ginger may not know how to use it?  Even if they know, finding out new recipes and trying it out is a tedious job.  Amidst the heavy traffic and kids playing around all the time, a mother or father has minimal amount of time to spend for cooking.  How can you ever afford to think of trying a new dish?  Even if it is possible on weekends, there is only a very less possibility that it turns out well or else the cleaning of the mess caused while trying itself is a tedious task.  And when you try a pickle, the ingredients are also expensive and you cannot waste it much.  Rather it is better to order online from Sitara, where the pickles are equal to home-made taste without any preservatives added.

        The probiotics in the pickle helps your gut by retaining healthy bacteria.  Our packing is so intact that you will feel the freshness and aroma to the fullest.  Why wait?  Order online for Ginger Pickle / Allam Pachadi / Allam Achar immediately! Sitara Foods being the largest online pickle store in India sells wide variety of Andhra Vegetarian Pickles and Non Veg pickles Online. Every order is delivery for free to any part of India. Enjoy the home made pickles by SITARA FOODS.

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