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How else will you consume bitter gourd, if not in a Pickle form? Where to buy bitter gourd or kakarakaya pickle online?

This article provides you with information about best ways to consume bitter Gourd. How Bitter Gourd pickle is made, Health benefits, What it goes good with it and where to buy Karela Achar online.

Are you a person who has an aversion towards bitter gourd?  If yes, we at Sitara have substantial evidences for you to start eating the same from now on. Actually, you have to understand that the bitter taste only stimulates the appetite and emphasizes the real flavor of other tastes to you.  Also remember that bitter taste in a best detoxifier and has natural antibiotics in it.  So, why say “no” to it?  Order a Bitter Gourd Pickle / Karela Achar / kakarakaya pickle online from Sitara, relax and receive it at your doorstep and enjoy it!

Everyone expects to live a hale and healthy life style but for that, an ideal nutritional balance in your diet is a must.  And if your tongue is wise enough in choosing the food, attaining optimal nutrition becomes easier.  This is not something new.  For ages together all our ancestors, relied upon taste to discover which food is benign and which is toxic.  Bear in mind that our taste buds not only identify tastes but also stimulate the entire digestive process and make us feel and experience the nutritional value of food.  Rather than looking at nutritional tables for how much amount of protein and carbohydrates you have to consume, if you abide by the 6 tastes like sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent; you are always in the right track towards your body’s nutritional needs.    

Major ingredients and benefits:Hope now it is evident regarding why you have to start eating bitter gourd!  Unlike people who have aversion towards it there are certain others who like it too.  Below are a few benefits listed for them to know what they are doing is right:

  • It is rich in vitamins and dietary fibre
  • Best detoxifier
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Its antimicrobial properties purifies blood
  • Prevents any kind of skin problems
  • Natural anti-aging medicine
  • It lightens tissues
  • It has a lot of antiseptic and anti-parasitic qualities in it

Selected bitter melons are used for preparation of this Pavakkai Pickle or Pavakkai Achar.  We use lemons for sourness instead of tamarind which gives more aroma and flavor to the pickle.  We have a secret in preparing our Bitter Gourd Pickle / Kakarakaya Pickle which we are willing to reveal it to you now.  It is nothing but – Marination of bitter gourd before using it.  When marinated for sometime the bitter gourd becomes soft as well as less bitter.  This marinated bitter gourd is prepared into a pickle with guntur red chilli powder, turmeric powder, methi powder and other home made secret spices as needed.   The uniqueness of this blended mixture can be appreciated by you only when you taste it.  Just purchase it online by adding to cart and check out how utterly luscious it is!

Cooking is an art that not all can perform so well!  But we at Sitara have experts to get that job done flawlessly.  The value, care and love that our cooks add to our firm is immeasurable.    Their patience while cooking makes our pickles more yummy and delicious.  So, we have all guts to assure you that our Bitter gourd Pickle is just awesome in taste and best in quality.  What are you waiting for?  Order for it and check out how it tastes!

We promise you that even kids would love to eat kakarakai Pickle with any kind of food like naan, parathas, chapathis, rotis, phulkas or rice, especially curd rice and this Pavakkai Pickle is a good combination.  When kids eat bitter gourd the amount of happiness a mother has is immeasurable.  If you want to perceive this immense pleasure for yourself, buy Bitter Melon Pickle Achar from Sitara and try it.  You are sure to come back for more!

Bitter Gourd Pickle along with all our products are available in all major cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kochi, Kolkata and Free Delivery to any part of India.  We are also waiting to serve you online at anytime!  Order and buy our Bitter Gourd Achar online and give us an opportunity to show how we make you happy!

Taste and Feast your taste buds with premium quality bitter gourd pickle from Sitara Foods. You can also try and buy our other Andhra Style pickles online like Lemon Pickle, Avakai Mango Pickle, Gongura Pickle, Ginger Pickle, Chikkudukaya Pickle, Green Chilli Pickle, much more and Non Vegetarian pickle like Chicken Pickle, Mutton Pickle, Fish and Prawn Pickles, Gongura Mutton Pickle and much more.

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