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What Better Companion than AndhraPickles for Your Food? Buy Traditional Andhra Pickles Online

Indian cuisines are well-known for their reputable tastes, flavours, aromas and a wide-range of a spectacular variety of colourful food describing each diversity residing in India. The food is often complemented with an additional item from papadums also known as papads, ghee, chutneys, and deep-fried or stir-fried vegetables to everyone’s all-favourite pickles.

Pickles have the unique flavouring that enhances the taste of the Indian cuisines with its spiciness and tanginess, hence, making each morsel enjoyable. The true love of having spicy foods has descended from our ancestors. Every household in India has its food recipe and pickles always compliment them.

South Indian pickles, especially Andhra Pickles are one of the most demanded pickles in India. They have everything you need to truly enjoy the traditional Indian food. Even a simple morsel of rice plus lentil soup (dal) can be fully enjoyed with a slight addition of any Andhra Pickle – they truly spice up and pamper your taste buds.

At Sitara Foods, we prepare a variety of Andhra Pickles that simply reveals traditionalism with a hint of handmade and homemade touch. Yes, our vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles are both created to bring back the olden yet golden days of the true Indian taste. Our pickles are prepared with traditional recipes with your health in mind – they are chemical and preservative-free, hence, making them the perfect health companion.

Here Are Some of the Top Andhra Pickles You Must Try

Get your hands on the best Andhra Pickles in Hyderabad. They are tasty and healthy, made especially for both health-conscious people and who want to relive their olden days.

Vegetarian Andhra Pickles

Here’s our pick of the top best-selling and most demanded vegetarian pickles by people all over India.

·         Mango Pickle (Aaam Ka Achar, Mango Thokku Pickle, Mamidi Kaya Thokku Pickle)

Popular pickle of all time, well-known for its spiciness is the mango pickle also known as Avakaya – makes plain rice even more enjoyable along with papadums and a few drops of ghee.

·     Green TamarindPickle (Tamarind Aachar, Chinthakaya Thokku Pickle)

Made from farm-fresh with raw tender tamarinds this pickle is especially enjoyed by Andhra people during winters – provides the best health benefits, hence, making it an ideal healthy treat.

·         Tomato Pickle (Tamataar Achar, Tomato Thokku Pickle, Tomato Niluva Pachadi)

Great source of vitamins like A, C and K, this pickle isn’t just delicious but very healthy – goes well with any Indian cuisine.

·         Red Chilli Pickle (Laal Mirch Achar, Pandu Mirapakaya Pachadi, Pandumirchi Pachchadi)

One of the most desired pickles of all makes a perfect companion of any South Indian foods. Goes especially well with lemon rice, tamarind rice and even idli, dosa, upma, etc.

Non-Vegetarian Andhra Pickles

Buy non-vegetarian Andhra style pickles online and gets the benefits of protein-rich pickles accompanied by lip-smacking spices.

·         Chicken Pickle (Murgh ka Achaar, Chicken Pachadi, Chicken Avakaya)

Chicken pickles are almost every child’s favourite and make it a great tiffin treat with homemade, soft Rotis. A few spoons of this yummy pickle with plain rice, lentil soup (dal), ghee will do the trick of keeping your beloved happy and also – healthy!

·         Mutton Pickle (Gosht ka Achaar, Achari Gosht, Mutton Pachadi)

Every South Indian loves mutton pickle. It is simply perfect with anything and makes it an excellent side dish. You can even take this on your inbound trip.

·         Prawn Pickle (Jhinga ka Achar, Royyala Pachadi, Chemmeen Achar)

The taste of delicious prawns with pickles make it an amazing seafood pickle loved by all – especially the Goans and Keralites.

·         Fish Pickle ( Machli Ka Achar, Meen Achar, Katla Fish Achar)

Fish pickle is another all-time favourite seafood pickle. Compliments even the simplest food and enhances the taste while providing essential proteins.

In conclusion, we hope that our list of top Andhra Pickles suits your taste buds. Like, share, comment and let’s know what you think.

Hey there, like what see? Don’t hesitate to give your taste buds the ultimate taste of traditionally prepared healthy pickles from us; Sitara Foods. After all, you deserve to enjoy your food with spiciness and tanginess, ready to take you on a journey.

Visit sitarafoods.com and get your jar of happiness. They are scrumptious, absolutely lip-smacking and healthy – everything you need in your foods. So what are you waiting for?

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