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Wanna Bag The Best Andhra Sweets Online This Season?

Food that is machine made is easy to get but hand-made and home-made without any preservatives and above all prepared in small quantities like how your grandmother & mother make at your kitchen is not that easy to get nowadays.  But now we have made it possible at Sitara Foods with just a single click for you to order all the traditional Andhra sweets Online that match up your memories and make your day truly special!  Wanna bag the best Andhra Sweets Online this season?  Order @ Sitara!

We hope you all remember the long hours of waiting with only the smell or aroma that comes from the kitchen during summer holidays to eat and gobble up full bowls of sweets and snacks that are yummy and delicious, isn’t it?  Sometimes it’s worth the wait when you get to grab the traditional sweets made.  Those were the days…… is not what you need to sing and await only memories but you can order varieties of sweets from Sitara Sweet Boutique which includes Tapeswaram Kaja, Kamarkattu Mittai and Narinja Mitai too!

Tapeswaram Kaja Online:

Tapeswaram Kaja

The age-old, traditional, most-popular signature sweet of Andhra is the Kaja’s made from Tapeswaram and Kakinada.  A delicious, luscious, toothsome layered Indian Pastry soaked in sugar syrup is this Tapeswaram Kaja Online available @ Sitara Foods.  It is believed to have originated from the coastal belt of Rajamundhry and Konaseema and is the “SULTAN OF SWEETS in Andhra!

A recipe which leaves you mouth-watering – Tapeswaram Kaja which has an outer dry layer, filled with sugar inside every bite for you to delite!  Made with maida, ghee and sugar, the dough is rolled into a sheet which creates the tasty layers of the sweet & makes all of us crave for more and more.

Kamarkattu Mittai Online:

Kamarkat or Kalcona or Kamarkattu or Coconut Jaggery Balls, however you call it, these are the best ever regional delicacies of South India.  Those who are looking for a serious weight loss diet can pick these whenever you feel like munching something around after breakfast or lunch.  A very much sought after coconut candy which is famous chocolate that we all have tasted at our young age at cinema theatres, platform shops outside schools, and also sold in petty shops near our homes, isn’t it?

All the 70’s, The 80’s and 90’s people go crazily reminded of their childhood days when they taste this wonderful hard rock candy which lasts for a longer time giving the complete satisfaction of having eaten a true traditional delicacy!  Don’t miss to order Kamarkattu Mittai Online from Sitara Foods and relish in its authentic taste!

Narinja Mitai Online:

Pretty, lovely, nourishing orange mithai for all the candy lovers of infancy!  Will you say no to it?  Never Right?  Every time you feel like eating a sweet after lunch you can keep something handy like this orange mithai or narinja mitai to chew upon happily.  The right candy to stop the nausea of pregnant women! Yeah!  All your morning sickness vanishes with one sip of this Narinja mitai’s juice.  Some of you will have a vomiting sensation after food when you can just eat one Orange mithai to get rid of that thought for a few minutes and finally get rid of nausea too!  Don’t miss to order the premium quality Narinja Mitai Online from Sitara Foods most suitable for pregnant women!

Love for sweets never ends!  Love them and keep ordering them to cherish every bite with add-ons like health, tradition and many more from Sitara!  We have all varieties of sweets including the eccentric kamarkat, elusive tapeswaram kaja and elite narinja mittai all available online!

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