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Pullattu Recipe : The Bucket list Breakfast Item of South Indians

Pullattu / Pulisina Attu is a kind of heavenly dosa variant made after the dosa batter has gone through heavy lactic activity and enriched with lactic bacteria. This Traditional dosa is very tasty and very famous tiffin in south India. From poor to rich and affluent, everyone is a food slave to this wonderful breakfast dish. There are several folk songs written on this wonderful tiffin item. This sometimes called as mom fix to leftover dosa batter.

The procedure of making this traditional lactic dosa or pullattu is pretty easy. Let’s look into the making of this delicious pulla attu dosa. The regular procedure for making dosa batter is followed and the batter is made to sit in ambient weather conditions for couple of days. The batter will undergo severe lactic bacteria activity just like curd/yogurt and become sour. Then a special mix is prepared to mix with the sour batter.

Procedure of making the mix:Ingredients for 1KG sour dosa or pullattu batter:

  1. Cut/chop onions into small dices, 3 medium size onions
  2. Cut 4 to 6 green chilli based on the size and your preference of spiciness
  3. Half table spoon mustard seeds
  4. Half table spoon jeera / cumin seeds
  5. 1 table spoon chana dal
  6. bunch of curry leaves / kadi patta / Karivepaku
  7. pinch of turmeric /  pasupu
  8. 4 table spoons of oil

Process:Take a pan which can accommodate the above ingredients for stir frying and then add the 4 table spoon oil into the pan. Heat the oil on medium flame for couple of minutes until oil is ready for stir frying. Add half table spoon jeera/cumin seeds and then followed by mustard seeds, fry it until you hear the popping sound from mustard seeds, be careful not to burn the seeds too much. You can tell the right time by the sound and smell. Add 1 table spoon of chana dal and stir it until the chana dal turns golden brown. Keep the chopped onions and chopped green chill ready and add then as soon as the chana dal is turned golden brown. Add pinch of turmeric and then followed by adding curry leaves and take off the utensil from the stove.

Now that you have both the lactic sour batter and spice mix ready along with pinch of salt, Mix them well. Now, you got the tasty pulla attu or pulisina attu batter ready to your breakfast needs.

Now, put the dosa pan on the stove and paint the dosa batter on the pan, just like you do for regular dosa, but you need to be little careful here because unlike plain dosa batter, this batter is very coarse as there are lot of ingredients and might tear up dosa. So, when painting the batter on pan, apply it slow and loose. Enjoy your tasty pullattu and thank god for creating such wonderful tasty breakfast.

The tasty pulla attu can be eaten as it is and is preferred method of having it by many. But at the same time quite a number of pulla attu lovers also use several sides to make it much tastier as per their taste of tongue. Many south Indian home made pickles achar are used as side dish for pullattu like allam pachadi ginger achar pickle is a famous side, peanut / groundnut or palli chutney or chanikaya pappu chutney or chanaga pappula pachandi is a very good combination. Few more pickles like Andhra style Avakai pickle or green chilli pickle achar is also preferred. For Non vegetarian lovers, sides like Home Made Chicken pickle or Mutton pickle will be a great addition to pullattu. It doesn’t matter if you like in Hyderabad, Bangalore , Chennai, Pune, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, once a person had tasted pullattu in his/her life, they always remember this breakfast item and always wanted to taste it once again before they are put into the grave. Most people living abroad have this on their bucket list, to taste this wonderful god created pulla attu before they get mixed with nature mud for life.

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