Nellore Malai Khaja

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Nellore Malai Kaja is a South Indian delicacy that is famous in Nellore city but available worldwide from shopkeepers and online too.

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Nellore Malai Kaja is a South Indian delicacy that is famous in Nellore city but available worldwide from shopkeepers and online too.


Nellore Malai Khaja

Nellore Malai Kaja is a South Indian delicacy that is famous in Nellore city but available worldwide from shopkeepers and online too.  This is made using basic ingredients like maida, ghee, khova and sugar, but what makes it very popular is the twist added by the cooks who don’t reveal it to anyone.  Yes, it is still a secret.  This sweet resembles gulab jamun but it is not syrupy yet juicy inside like the Kakinada kaja / madatha kaja.  The soft khova used in the sweet along with ghee makes it to melt in your mouth and luscious if you are new to the sweet.  We at Sitara have such melting soft malai khaja made freshly with no additives or preservatives but still tastes as new for a longer period of time than usually made ones.  It is perfectly home-made.  Order online and enjoy the home-made malai khaja.

         Khajas are more welcomed during rainy season.  The sweet sellers will struggle to meet the demands on the first day of rainy season itself in many places for malai khaja.  It is layered, flaky and crispy outside with a soft inside which is a traditional sweet made in South India and especially in Andhra.  Apart from all this, this sweet is madness for many people on festive occasions.  It may be because it is made out of maida and sugar which makes them just hopping with a hell lot of energy instantly once they eat it.  Yes, it is very true that maida, ghee and sugar give instant energy for our body.  So, if you are living apart from your family just purchase online for Malai Khaja from Sitara to give your taste buds the content or satiety of having eaten the tasty food they need.

Why sweets?

         Start your day with a sweet so that you don’t crave for food or have less hunger throughout the day.  This is because eating sweets in the morning gives you more calories which your body needs in order to last active the entire day and you also get more time to burn out the calories with your physical activities during the day.  This kind of a sweet like malai khaja does not even affect your waistline unlike the other packed foods with heavy loads of sugar and fat or other pastries that you crave for like chocolate-chip pan cakes, black forest, etc.

         More than all this, an unknown fact for many is that when you eat every bite of your dessert by paying attention to it, you can still lose weight.  It is when you swallow the food that your body takes more time for digestion.  Unlike this if you savor the food with your saliva and eat with complete satisfaction, whatever it is that you eat compulsorily reduce your weight.

Love your food and love your existence:

       Just forget about what is around and whenever you eat food, relish every bite of it.  The sugary consistency without syrup in this Nellore malai khaja is a heart throb for most of the Nellore people and they recommend the same to their family and friends.  But this is a good and ideal choice when you have to serve people who come to your home for birthday parties, wedding reception, anniversary parties or even business functions or just as a different conventional food to your guests.  What do you say?  The gulab jamun or rasgulla or rasmalai when served is quite messy and requires special efforts for serving arrangements.  Unlike all this, malai khaja is dry and at the same time soft enough to fulfill the soul of people who eat it in a dessert form.

         Just also remember that desserts are not to be eaten at the end of your full course meal which makes it hard to digest as per ayurvedic practices.  So, if you can develop the habit of eating it at the beginning of a meal then it helps in more saliva secretion and further up in better digestion.

         Love your food and love your life more in this way.  We at Sitara are here to offer you with ready-made items like pickles, snacks, sweets, masala powders and also exotic fruits and flowers to help you in easily buying things online and store it in your shelves as life rescuers.  Do it and enjoy all facilities with only one click!

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