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Munnakaya / Drumstick Pickle – Andhra Style

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Drumstick Achar pickle or Munnakaya pickle or Moringa achar pickle is a new age pickle. Our grannies new seen it when they were kids, we call it the new generation pickle as it started its journey into pickle world in recent generations. Drumstick or Munnakaya or Moringa is a wonder vegetable packed with lot of health benefits.

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Drumstick Achar pickle or Munnakaya pickle or Moringa achar pickle is a new age pickle. Our grannies new seen it when they were kids, we call it the new generation pickle as it started its journey into pickle world in recent generations. Drumstick or Munnakaya or Moringa is a wonder vegetable packed with lot of health benefits.


Drumstick Achar pickle or Munnakaya pickle or Moringa achar pickle is a new age pickle. Our grannies new seen it when they were kids, we call it the new generation pickle as it started its journey into pickle world in recent generations. Drumstick or Munnakaya or Moringa is a wonder vegetable packed with lot of health benefits. The two major health benefits are it detoxifies your body and kills harmful bacteria in the gut. And second is it help for potency in male humans. You know what I am talking about, you all have seen in the movies heroin serving munnakaya pickle, munnakaya sambar, munnakaya rasam, munnakaya fry, munnakaya majjiga and what not anything and everything made of munnakaya, so the he feels the heat needed. Haha.. long list of moringa …

 Order Online for Drumstick Pickle / Munnakaya Aachar / Moringa Pickle

         Food in which microbes cannot survive is considered to be a healthier intake.  Such a kind of a food can be prepared with a very age-old process called fermenting.    Pickling is one form of fermenting excess food and saving it for future.  This pickled preservation is done with the help of naturally grown or obtained preservatives like salt, spices etc. or sometimes with added preservatives which is not preferred by most people.  Even though pickling habits are different in different countries, the basic idea behind pickling is to prevent microbes from surviving because they are the culprits who make the food to decay.  And when such a process is carried out with your favorite food items adding a difference to its method of preparation; it is undoubtedly a feast. Isn’t it?

         “To make a difference you must be different” – as the saying goes, when you think differently the difference actually happens in all your outcomes rather than you forcing upon it.  This applies even to cooking.  Whenever you think that you have to cook uniquely ‘YOU’ are sure to be successful – just with that one thought.  We at Sitara have taken efforts to bring you the best kind of pickles handy to make your job easier.  We tried a peculiar veggie for a pickle base like – DRUMSTICK.  We can hear you appreciate our creative responsibility to satisfy your tummy.  Thanks guys.  Don’t fail to taste this Drumstick Pickle / Munnakaya Pickle or Moringa Pickle by making a purchase through just one click.

         Moringa tree’s origination is in Northern India and it was used as a medicine for over 5000 years.  It is also called as “The Miracle Tree” / “The Divine Tree” / “The Wonder Tree”.  Since a long time drumstick plays a major role in Indian Cuisine. It is better known as Shahajan or Moonga in North India.  Most of us are still not aware of the fact that all parts of Moringa tree except its roots and branches can be consumed as a part of our food.  Our ancestors dined every part of Moringa Tree like pods, leaves, seeds, fruit and oil.  The leaves and pods play a major role in South Indian Cuisine also.  Anyways the most beloved part of its products is the pod – Drumstick.  This pod is used mainly in sambar – the famous dish of South India.  They prefer this mostly because cutting and cleaning is easier than the rest of the veggies.  But still there are lots of hidden benefits and a special aroma that makes the sambar taste delicious.

         If you live in major metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore / Bengaluru, Chennai and Kochi, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and Mumbai, amidst the busy schedules that you have to be accomplished, spending your time to prepare yummy, luscious dishes is very difficult. So you tend to depend on something available in ready-made.  But, if it is healthy at the same time then it would be nice.  Isn’t it?  To help you is introduced our Drumstick Pickle / Moringa Aachar / Shahajan Aachar, which you can get easily through making an online order at Sitara Foods Online Store. You may also buy without garlic pickles like Tomato Pickle Without Garlic, Lemon Pickle Without Garlic Red Chilli Pickle Without Garlic Avakai Without Garlic Amla Pickle Without Garlic and Gongura Pickle Without Garlic if you are if you are non vegeterian like Chicken Pickle, Prawn Pickle, Fish Pickle and Chintha Aaku Mutton Pickle, Gongura Chicken Pickle at Sitara Foods Online Store.

Major Ingredients and its benefits:

         Is the regular cooking of drumstick sambar really boring?  See how this wonder vegetable is packed into your favorite form with a hell lot of health benefits:

·      Nutrient Bank:  It has around 90 most essential nutrients and scientists are still discovering more.  The pods that are used in this Drumstick Aachar are a significant source of vitamin C.  100 grams of pods contain 157% of our daily vitamin C needs satisfied.

·      A potential antioxidant:  Free radicals that cause oxidative stress which causes chronic diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

·      Positive effect on Cholesterol:  Moringa Oleifera or drumstick has the capacity to reduce cholesterol in our body because they lower the risk of inflammation and this in turn results in a positive effect on cholesterol.

·      Help for breastfeeding mothers:  Granny’s way of approach to a problem is the best way ever!  They have more experience in all aspects of life for their age.  Sometimes you will have a feeling that you miss your granny and her guidance a lot and that is mainly when a new child has been born in your family.  They say regular consumption of drumstick increases milk supply in feeding mothers because of the increased nutrient consumption.

·      Energy Booster:  More vitamins, minerals and amino acids leads to energy increase in your body, hence leading to be a good energy booster.

·      Lowers blood sugar levels:  If you have family history of high blood sugar levels you can reduce the chances of sugar complaints for you and your future generation through consumption of regular drumstick in your daily diet.

·      Protects against arsenic toxins:  Consumption of contaminated ground water is a common problem in West Bengal.  This causes arsenic toxins to enter our body which can be protected with the intake of drumstick regularly.

         The more we have health benefits for a product, the more it attracts our attention.  But kids like drumstick more than adults.  This pickle is kids friendly (not so hot) even though it is prepared in Andhra Style.  Try with your kids to get a positive response and have the satisfaction that they also eat vegetables.

         You can use this drumstick pickle with plain rice to make a delicious meal when you don’t have time to cook or back from a long journey.  You can take it as a side dish along with rotis, chapathis, phulkas etc.  Surprise your family with a delightful drumstick rice by mixing Moringa Aachar with little ghee or gingely oil and plain rice.  You can heat the mixture in a pan for a proper blend of drumstick rice.  To experience all this you need to first buy online a fresh pack of Munnakaya Pickle from Sitara Foods and Pickles.  Now, sit down and relax to see your family enjoy this delightful meal.

Increase your brain power with pickled food!

At Sitara pickles all our ingredients, including the fresh, green, not too mature, no too thin munnakaya or drumsticks from local farmers. So, our Andhra style Drumstick pickle or Munnakaya pickle tastes the best.

You can purchase fresh yummy Andhra style Drumstick pickle or Munnakaya pickle online from Sitara foods. Our pickles are much better in quality and taste to commercial pickles filled with preservative chemicals for longer shelf life. Our customers say Sitara pickles taste better than Priya Pickles, Vellanki pickles, mother pickles, MTR, aachi pickles and swagruha pickles. But, we just feel that Sitara Foods, is just a homemade pickle brand trying to make a mark in the market. Buy any South India pickle from Sitara foods online store. Drumsticks used for this pickle are sourced from local farmers.



Young and Tender Drumsticks, Tamarind, Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Fenugreek/Methi seeds, Garlic pods, Mustard seeds, Cumin Seeds, Curry Leaves, Refined Sunflower Oil





You can buy Drumstick / Munnakaya / Moringa pickle Online from Sitara Foods year round. We ship our pickles to any destination in the world.

Domestic: Shipping if Free to any part of India and delivery time to any part of India delivery will be done in 3 to 7 business days from date of shipping.

International: International shipping price is based on country of delivery and Delivery time varies from 4 to 9 business days from date of shipping.

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