Hand Made – Sweet Biscuits Moon Shaped

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Would you like to delight in Sitara Food’s Soft and Delicious Moon Shaped Sweet Biscuits?

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Would you like to delight in Sitara Food’s Soft and Delicious Moon Shaped Sweet Biscuits?


Sweet Biscuits Moon Shaped (Hand Made)


Would you like to delight in Sitara Food’s Soft and Delicious Moon Shaped Sweet Biscuits?


                  Sitara Foods Soft and delicious home-made Moon Shaped Sweet Biscuits!!! – Wowww! They are the all-time favorite snack, known for their shape and taste by people of all age groups. A kid-friendly snack and the much-loved adult folk’s teatime snack. Give it a try by doing an online purchase from Sitara Foods and you are sure to be nostalgic in every bite of the biscuits.

Known by various names:


  • Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits are relished by the people all over the country and they have different names in each region. They are known as Shankarpalli in Maharashtra, Shakarpara in Gujarat, Sweet Tukdi in few parts of North India, Kalakala or Maida Roti in Tamil Nadu and Teepi Maida Biscuits in Andhra Pradesh. Also called as Hyderabadi Chand Biscuits, which is very popular in the Hyderabad region.
  • They are famous for their softness and just melt in your mouth at the first bite.  Order this bright glowing Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits online from Sitara Foods that are brighter like the real moon and tastes yummy to fill your tummy!

The Best evening snack ever!

  • Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits are a very popular snack in India and the ones from Sitara are hand-made and home-made.  The rich and the lingering taste of the butter is a flavourful explosion in your mouth and just tempt you to ask for more and more.
  • The biggest joy of a mother is to see their kid’s snack box empty, isn’t it?  Rather than eating junk foods, this is a healthier option to choose from for your kidoo’s snack. And for elders, the best treat is to have a bowl full of these Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits with a cup of hot tea or coffee that gives a lot of energy for the evening to play with their grandchildren.
  • They come out with a flaky and buttery taste; which you would love to bite on it even as a mid-morning snack during busy hours of office work. Sitara Foods has noted an increasing need of the people for simple home-made foods, and now we are serving you with the best preparations of hand-made and home-made food providers to many hostellers, bachelors, NRI’s and other professionals.
  • Order these pretty little treats online today from Sitara Foods and enjoy it as your evening snack tomorrow.

Why should you buy these Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits from Sitara Foods?

  • Cooking is a passion for most of us and having nutritious tasty food made at home is just delicious. Your grandmother would be the only person who must have prepared all these kinds of snacks for you at your home town during the summer and winter holidays, right?  Since the modern-day mom’s do not have enough time to prepare it at home amidst busy office schedules, we hope you are longing for these home-made Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits.  Don’t worry you need not long for such foods when there is one place where you can get all these hand-made, home-made, preservative-free, grandmother style snacks from Sitara Foods.
  • One of the best and easiest snacks to fill your kid’s snack box at the last minute.  As we make small batches of all our products each day, so the little children always get freshly made foods for maximum nutrient absorption, just like how your grandma or mother feed you as a child. And we are sure that you will not stop with having one or two.
  • Buy Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits online from Sitara Foods and do let us know how it is. You can also purchase and try our other traditional, authentic, hand-made Andhra style snacks online. We do worldwide shipping which involves minimum cost and also across the major cities in India for free.

· Serve these biscuits with a cup of hot masala tea or ginger tea and impress your guest with its mind-blowing taste!

You may also buy other andhra style home made sweets like Boondhi Laddu, Bellam Nuvvula Jeedilu and Home Made Pappu Chegodi at Sitara Foods Online Store.

Ingredients used:

  • All-purpose flour, Sugar, Rich clarified Butter or Ghee, Cardamom Powder, a pinch of Salt, and Oil.
  • They are specially made with all-purpose flour, shaped into small, easy to eat, and fried crunchy for your little ones! Kids will love the simplicity of these Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits for its flavor and the richness of pure ghee used unlike the other market-based products already available.

Net Weight: Available in 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 Kg Packs.

Nutritional Value:

· Best home-made Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits are great to taste when coupled with good nutritional value, as Sitara Foods is one of India’s leading healthy foods brand today.

· Every 100 grams of biscuits contains:

Energy – 65 cal

Protein – 0.8 g

Carbohydrates – 6.7 g

Fiber – 0.1 g

Fat – 3.9 g

Cholesterol – 0.4 mg

Vitamin A – 38.2 mcg

Vitamin B3 – 0.3 mg

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) – 2.3 mcg

Calcium – 8.1 mg

Iron – 0.3 mg

Sodium – 1.7 mg

Potassium – 21.1 mg

Zinc – 0.1 mg

· Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits can also be served on special occasions like kitty parties, pot-lucks or game nights. Better go ahead and purchase these classic biscuits online from Sitara Foods right away to have fun-filled days always!

Storage details and Shelf life:

· 2 to 3 weeks (better tasted when consumed fresh in a week)

· Store it in an airtight container and enjoy eating at any-time you like. That’s the perfect way where they stay nice and crisp!

· Do not use wet hands to take and serve the biscuits.

Seasonal Availability and Shipping Info:

· These Moon shaped Sweet Biscuits are available throughout the year. And we do free shipping to all major cities of India and get it delivered within 3 to 4 business days. International shipping is made to 106 countries and it takes 4 to 8 business days based on the country you stay in. We assure you that we always make a very safe and secure packing.

· Sitara Foods Moon shaped Sugar Biscuits cost low with purely made fresh quality ingredients, organically certified, that any others in the market.  Sitara Foods believe in providing “VALUE FOR MONEY” to our customers.

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