Home Made A2 GHEE – Bilona Process

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Say bye to your medicines and welcome the traditional nature-based diet to be the healthiest person ever!

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Say bye to your medicines and welcome the traditional nature-based diet to be the healthiest person ever!








HOME MADE A2 GHEE (Bilona Process)

Say bye to your medicines and welcome the traditional nature-based diet to be the healthiest person ever!

Why to Buy A2 Ghee – Bilona Process from SITARA FOODS ?


  • Prepared from Pure Desi Cow Breeds – Gir Cows
  • Each and Every step of our Ghee making process is by hand
  • Milked, Cultured for 24 hours, Churned using Traditional Neem Wood churners
  • Prepared on Wood Fired Ovens using coconut shells and Neem wood.
  • Premium Quality attained with utmost care & Love

          Some people believe in ghee having side effects on your health, which is all humbugs you need not rely upon.  Ghee is nature’s right gift!  There is no supplement for environment based diets.  So, be active and have faith only in nature to keep you healthy.  Consume ghee regularly to stay away from most of the commonly prone diseases in recent days, which are given new different names. There are various methods in which people extract ghee.  It can be from butter, cream or curd.  Amidst which making ghee from curd is the best method, which is known as the bilona process.  Eager to know how bilona ghee is made?  Read further….

Bilona method of preparing ghee

          The milk is at first cultured to form the curd.  This curd is churned using a wooden churner in bi-directional churning method to make makkhan – sweet butter which has medicinal properties as it is prepared using an ancient Vedic process.  This traditional process increases the value of ghee as per Ayurveda shastras.  Once the water gets evaporated and the clarified butter is separated from the milk solids (cultured curd) then this butter is ready to be heated and give you the delicious ghee you have been waiting.  In this process, you get A2 ghee which is the essence of milk rather than the essence of cream and hence the benefits go unexplainable.

If you wish to buy the ghee which Lord Krishna was fond of and also the ghee which is trusted to have fuelled his intellectual powers and spiritual development, then go ahead and add to cart the originally manufactured A2 ghee from Sitara Foods and Pickles.  It also enhances the capabilities of your memory, wisdom and intellect and is best suited for people of all age groups – kids, elders and adults.  Vedic ghee or bilona ghee always has the healing benefits as it is free from the impurities such as saturated fat and milk solids.  It is purely churned out of curd and why would anyone refuse to use it?

Merits of A2 Ghee

          A zero Trans fat ghee which keeps your cholesterol levels under check and is not a part of food but more than a medicine is this Bilona Ghee.  The one ghee from non-genetic modification/engineering cows, which are grass-fed and supports the growth of farmers and their cattle is this A2 pure ghee made by Sitara.  It just can perform so much black magic once it reaches your tummy!  A few are listed below for you.

High smoke point:  A2 ghee has a high smoke point and makes it better for various cooking and sauting needs.   This makes it more fit to be served to all age groups of your choice.

Rich in anti-oxidants:  Since sourced from grass-fed cows, it has the presence of vitamin K2 (menaquinone – found in animal foods and fermented foods), butyric acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which are natural fatty acids and has anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties.

Helps in digestion:  The essential quality of ghee is to assist in the digestion process and this A2 ghee does not fail in performing the same task.  It ensures that your digestive tract is free from all sorts of issues and heals the gut-lining because of the butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid that nourishes the cells of your intestines better.

Reduces the risk of heart diseases:  In spite of all the bad press it has received all these years, it is a proven fact that ghee is helpful to prevent you from heart diseases.  A2 ghee acts as a protection against carcinogens, artery plaque and also diabetes as it helps in digestion of food easily.  Doesn’t it make sense really that you have a lesser risk of any cardiovascular diseases when you eat food that gets digested easily that the highly processed alternatives?  We can use our common sense to think about this aspect and then decide upon it.  But still, there are proven records that showed Indian men who belong to the rural population and those who ate more ghee had lower incidences of heart diseases than those who ignored it.

Reduces inflammation:  When you consume A2 ghee regularly, your body has a better alkaline system functioning on the positive side for you.  The overall benefits are reduced inflammation due to reduced leukotriene secretion and prostaglandin in the body.  The root of the commonly faced diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, asthma, certain types of cancer, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are inflammation in different parts of your body.  Hence it is clear that bilona ghee helps in maintaining good overall health of your body.

Proven weight loss technique:  Consuming ghee is the first step to lose weight.   Are you surprised reading this?  Please don’t be!  It is a fact as it is the central part of the diet in Ayurveda, which jumpstarts your digestive system and improves gallbladder functioning, thus preventing obesity.  High-processed and high-salted foods are tough to digest whereas A2 Ghee cleanses your body by removing toxins that are otherwise difficult to eliminate and hence lead to weight loss.  So, making a purchase online now is valuable enough for you and your family isn’t it?  Buy original A2 ghee from Sitara and reduce that extra calorie which you may otherwise gain from processed food!

Suitable even for people with casein and lactose sensitivities:  Since A2 ghee is free from all the discrepant elements which are removed through skimming and straining process, it suits people with casein and lactose allergies too.  Just give it a try and see how it helps!

Slows down ageing process:  By balancing vata, pitta and kapha in your body, ghee is believed in Ayurveda to slow down your ageing process, and that keeps you more ticking to compete with the younger generation too!

Helps in bone development in children:  Children spend out most of their energy playing and being naughty around the homes.  They require sufficient intake and it is challenging to make them eat healthy food.  Whereas A2 ghee grabs their senses to like the diet more and they grow healthier than eating the junks all around which enters their brain by attracting their eyes.  A high source of calcium like ghee can never be found for kids of all ages.  From newborn babies to teenage children can rely on this for perfect mental health and development.

Relieves constipation and boosts energy:  A pregnant woman’s handy medicine is a teaspoon full of ghee when she suffers from constipation.  The main problem faced is indigestion and constipation which is rectified in a jiffy with this bilona ghee.  High fibre content that makes it more feasible to be had during pregnancy and at the same time cures all hormonal troubles too.  A perfect energy booster when taken during tiredness and even cures insomnia.

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Usages of Bilona Ghee

         When health accompanies a product why should you ever stop using your creativity in making use of it anywhere and everywhere?  Yeah!

  • Make use of bilona ghee in your daily drinks and enjoy its benefits wholly.
  • A healthy cooking oil supplement to sauté veggies, stir fry your favorite potatoes and even roast your popular dishes.
  • A wise option to be used while making dosas, chapattis, rotis, bread and even a teaspoon on your idly or idly podi (Nalla Karam podi) or Karivepaku Karam podi.
  • A teaspoon of bilona ghee on hot steamed rice with any of the podi varieties from Sitara will give you a satisfied, yummy lunch when in emergencies along with perfect health.
  • A teaspoon to your oatmeal also helps in easy digestion of it.
  • When preparing ragi porridge for kids it is a must that you include ghee in it for the coolness of their body and also relief from colic pains.
  • Cook millets with a teaspoon of ghee to get a spread out consistency and urges you to eat for the aroma in it rather than rejecting the same.
  • Anywhere you use butter or other oils; you can substitute ghee and get benefited the most out of it.
  • Make sweets out of ghee and this can be had by elders too as it digests well.
  • Ghee is a perfect skin care product as it
  • Moisturizes your face better than any other creams or lotions when   applied as a thin layer on your skin.
  • Cures chapped lips during the winter season and remember your lip balms don’t work as effectively as bilona ghee.
  • To lighten your dark lips and get back your pretty pink lips, you can massage your lips with ghee daily.
  • To clear up dark circles in your eyes and look charming.
  • It also helps to fight split ends in your hair, deep condition hair and stimulate hair growth.

Having known the benefits and uses of bilona ghee, you can make an order with just one click from Sitara now to get the purest form.

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